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  1. Sweden and Switzerland? Never made that connection, maybe because Switzerland is next door.
  2. Ok, apology accepted. Maybe cultural differences and English as second language. In my language, the wording in your post is quite offensive, it is only missing some choice cuss words.
  3. Slovenia is not Slovakia. Why do you have to be offensive, anyway? Are you jealous? What for? For somebody trying to pay their bills? Scroll past, live and let live if you don't like something.
  4. Sorry, I'll work on the new version to be in English, I agree, we can all understand English. But I hope, untill then, you can see the pictures and understand the latin names. And the FB profile has more info and English only.
  5. Hi, Looking for an easy to grow CP? We stock Sarracenia, Dionaea and Drosera. Nice, medium or flowering size plants, good prices. We send throughout EU. You're very welcomed to check out our offer in the PDF and our FB page Swamp garden: carnivorous plant shop and PM me if something catches your eye or you need more info. You can also send me an email at petra[email protected] . Swamp garden 22_compressed.pdf
  6. Hello, my name is Petra, thx for accepting me to the forum. I've always been fascinated by carnivorous plants and have been growing them as a hobby for ove 20 years. In 2020 me and my hubby decided to go pro, and registered as growers of these wonderful plants. We're the first - and so far the only - growers in Slovenia. We stock easy to grow species only. We are working on offering more and more species and cultivars. All our plants are at least medium or already flowering size and we'll do our best to offer them at nice prices. We send throughout EU. Check out our FB page Swamp garden: carnivorous plant shop, if something catches your eye PM me or send me an email at [email protected] .
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