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  1. I'm currently considering a misting system for my new greenhouse so I'd definitely be interested!
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! I managed to dig out a pitcher photo from 2010 which I've added to the series above. Turns out the plant was a bit bigger upon arrival than I'd remembered. This is what it looked like when I received it in April 2010 (pot is 14 cm wide):
  3. beckieg - When it eventually decides to climb and I take some cuttings I'll let you know. It doesn't seem to be in a hurry, though! (Which honestly I'm quite happy about - loving these lowers!) I've found some older photos which show how the pitcher morphology has changed over the years. October 2010: October 2011: May 2012: May 2013: July 2014: August 2014:
  4. From memory it was medium sized, maybe 15 cm across. It's one of the 24 clones from Pig Hill (BE-3041).
  5. This is a plant I got in 2010, originally from Borneo Exotics. It's always been a strong grower in my conditions and pitchers reliably on every leaf. Right now the peristome seems to be getting wider with every successive pitcher, and for that brief period between unfurling and folding back it's almost reminiscent of N. platychila... And here's what it looks like now that the peristome has folded back a bit: And a better view of the underside of the lid: Thanks for looking, Michael
  6. I've had a similar experience, except in my case it's been almost a year since payment was sent. I've tried to contact Andy many times, by email, PM, and even directly through a thread he was participating in, but with no success.
  7. The content appears to be taken directly from Wikipedia.
  9. Yes, these are basically collections of freely available Wikipedia articles. See
  10. Yes, I'm certain your plant isn't etiolated. Etiolated Heliamphora are usually a uniform green throughout and have greatly reduced nectar spoons, neither of which is evident in your specimen.
  11. Thanks for the detailed overview. It's always interesting to hear about other growers' setups. The reason I asked about the lighting is because of the nectar spoon development in your specimen - it's the most impressive I can remember seeing!
  12. Wow. As others have said, really fantastic H. tatei. What lights do you grow it under?
  13. Hi Andy, Could you check your PMs? I've been trying to get in touch for some time about the N. attenboroughii seedlings. (Apologies to everyone for the very off-topic post!)
  14. Looked like N. x ventrata? Not sure why its pot was upside down though!
  15. Anyone know if it's safe to use Bayer's Provado Ultimate Bug Killer on Nepenthes? I have the ready-to-use spray (this one). Thanks!
  16. I'm currently dealing with a rust spot infestation among my Nepenthes. Has anyone had experience with Systhane Fungus Fighter or perhaps some other Nep-safe treatment for rust spot? Some photos: N. singalana N. rajah
  17. In that case I'll definitely be sourcing mine from elsewhere. Thanks for the detailed explanation!
  18. I was just going to buy some bubble wrap from TW&E's for a new greenhouse. Is their product really that much worse than from other suppliers? Strength isn't a huge concern for me as long as it can be fitted to the frame without tearing and doesn't later disintegrate on its own!
  19. And by no stretch of the imagination is it the rarest Nepenthes species, either in the wild or in cultivation.
  20. Was this fog effect achieved with a hydrofogger?
  21. In the case of the N. edwardsiana seeds, the seller adjusted the quantity of seeds available as they were being sold ( Compare the times with those in the purchase history: It seems the seller wanted to make it appear as if the seeds were in limited supply, while also ensuring he did not run out of items to sell.