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  1. There was a server problem the last couple of days. It's taken longer than normal but should be OK now. Hopefully......
  2. This person only joined the forum yesterday, new members are NOT allowed to sell on here until they have been here for 30 days and become full members. This person could be anyone so do not buy from them. If you do, don't complain if you get ripped off.
  3. GOTO - Activity GOTO - My Activity Streams GOTO - Create New Stream In here you can pick what new content you want to see. If all you want to see is new topics in the "Feedback Forum" you can set it up for this. If all you want to see is new image posts you can set it up for this. You can set it up ANYWAY you want and have as many streams as you like. Just save your new stream. So really it is MUCH better than the old version you just have to look rather complain.
  4. I have just looked on your profile and the post you say you can't see is there in the list of your posts, see image. If you can't see it from your browser then it's the fault of the browser you are using not the forum.
  5. Hi Ron, Click on 'Insert other media' and then 'Insert existing attachment' (see below image) Click 'Gallery Images' tick all images you want to post then hit 'Insert Selected' (see below image)
  6. Most problems with buttons not showing up is the browser. Stop using IE and use a decent browser like chrome.
  7. Just checked that out and works great. Thanks Stu
  8. Full Members and above can now add a cover to their profiles. See mine, took this while up in Scotland earlier in the year.
  9. I've moved all the posts/comments about the new software to 'Forum Feedback' Please post there any queries, complaints or praises about the forum.
  10. Tapatalk needs re-installing with new version. I will try and get it done today sometime.
  11. I've turned them on so you should see them now.
  12. Sorry don't think you can but will check on it.
  13. Top left under 'Activity'
  14. Well the software has been upgraded to the latest version. As you can see it's quite different and will take time to get used to. There are still things running in the background at the moment so the forum may seem slow and some thing may not work or look right. All should settle down in a day or so.
  15. Sorry can't say how long it will be down. Looks like tonight / tomorrow. But depends on how it goes.
  16. The swap of ownership of the forum is going ahead to the CPS and will be finalised in the next few weeks. You may have noticed two new Admins Richard Bunn and CephFan who will be running the forum. I have also added the CPS logo to the site.
  17. In the next couple of days the forum software will be updated to version 4.1. This is a big update so there will be changes. One change will be usernames. At the moment there are two 'username' and 'display name'. There will only be one in the new version. This will be your Display Name so members who have different names will only have one after the upgrade. We will have to wait and see what other changes there are.
  18. Not giving up all together just down sizing. I think the forum would benefit with new owners but would have to be the right ones.
  19. I've run the forum for a long time but now feel it's time to pass it on to someone new. The forum needs someone with more enthusiasum for CP's than I have these days. If you feel you have the time and experience to take it on please get in touch.
  20. Sorry llacina your post was after 20:00 hours. Kisscool_38 wins the auction I'll email you. This auction is now closed.
  21. This auction is to help with the forum running costs Auction 436 - Pinguicula Seed - donated by silverback A portion fresh seeds of Pinguicula antarctica (+ 25 seeds) and a portion seeds of Pinguicula chilensis ( +30 seeds) Collected end June 2016 Postage £4 or Registered £8 Please post your bids here Auction will end 27 July 2016 @ BST 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winner.
  22. Well done to KEPBEPOS for winning the auction. I will email you. Auction now closed.