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    My Sarracenia Hybrids

    Some of my sarracenia hybrids.
  2. There was a server problem the last couple of days. It's taken longer than normal but should be OK now. Hopefully......
  3. This person only joined the forum yesterday, new members are NOT allowed to sell on here until they have been here for 30 days and become full members. This person could be anyone so do not buy from them. If you do, don't complain if you get ripped off.
  4. GOTO - Activity GOTO - My Activity Streams GOTO - Create New Stream In here you can pick what new content you want to see. If all you want to see is new topics in the "Feedback Forum" you can set it up for this. If all you want to see is new image posts you can set it up for this. You can set it up ANYWAY you want and have as many streams as you like. Just save your new stream. So really it is MUCH better than the old version you just have to look rather complain.
  5. I have just looked on your profile and the post you say you can't see is there in the list of your posts, see image. If you can't see it from your browser then it's the fault of the browser you are using not the forum.
  6. Hi Ron, Click on 'Insert other media' and then 'Insert existing attachment' (see below image) Click 'Gallery Images' tick all images you want to post then hit 'Insert Selected' (see below image)
  7. Most problems with buttons not showing up is the browser. Stop using IE and use a decent browser like chrome.
  8. Just checked that out and works great. Thanks Stu
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