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  1. Hi! Next week I will have fresh N. ventricosa pollen, if you are interested send me pm.
  2. Yes, i discovered more moranensis and parvifolia at Sierra La Goleta, will post the pictures later.
  3. Hi all!! This week i went with my family to the Sierra Nanchititlan Nature Reserve. And this is what i found: Sierra Nanchititla Sadly, I could not find a flower of the P. parvifolia. Enjoy!
  4. Elezna

    Pinguicula ID

    Sure! With some friends, we will make a trip to see them, so better pics will come soon. I hope discover new species! jajaja that could be great! I've localized P. moranensis, P. crenatiloba and this one P. parvifolia! I am so glad! I am almost sure there are more colonies out there!! Thanks!
  5. Elezna

    Pinguicula ID

    Thanks! I will take some better pictures!
  6. Hi! I found these Pinguicula, near to my house. But I don't know the species. I found the P. crenatiloba near these ones. Sorry for the quality, I took them with my iphone. By elezna at 2010-07-14 By elezna at 2010-07-14 By elezna at 2010-07-14 By elezna at 2010-07-14 By elezna at 2010-07-14 By elezna at 2010-07-14
  7. When the tip of the tendril curves, I just hung from the cane. The plant did the rest.
  8. Hi! My Nepenthes x gentle finally decides to produce flower. And he wants some ladies. I think the first polen will be already in about a week. I will ask for the half of the seed production. Please send PM interested. Here is the plant.
  9. Is N. macrophylla 9 years old!!!?? It is too slow!!! Nice N. boschiana!!!
  10. Elezna

    Droseras Seed...

    3 Years??? I have to take a lot of patience... But what i have to do for the Androsaceae??? Thanks!!! Hazael
  11. Elezna

    Droseras Seed...

    ok, but i have ask for the tuberous, if they need stratification or anything like that, i've heard drosera lowriei is hard, but i don't know.... tell me you!!!
  12. Hi, This is my first post in this forum... :) I have some seeds of drosera, and i need your help for grow it... this are the seeds... D. Ramellosa D. Regia D. Androseceae D. Lowriei D Montana I hope you can help me... Sorry for my bad english... Hazael