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  1. miso

    My Pinguicula gypsicola

    best substrate for gypsicola is pure soft travertine. or aerated concrete brick is also good.
  2. very nice to see, thanks for sharing.
  3. promissed better photo, so here it is, with second flower opened: http://plantae.sk/forum/download/file.php?id=343
  4. thanks. now waiting for the second flower, then i plane to invest more time for taking a serious picture. this is only handheld snap, fast job between lots of work that time.
  5. just click to the link and nothing missing ;) i tried to place photo straight here, but not passed in this format.
  6. http://plantae.sk/forum/download/file.php?id=341
  7. miso

    P. calderoniae

  8. miso

    Best CP Photo Competition 2012 Entries

    Drosera capensis cristate flower. Who have seen?
  9. miso

    Pinguicula vulgaris

    thats great locality, i feel as on the venezuelan tepui there (but i´ve never been in venezuela ).
  10. found some old pics of P. vulgaris from 2 different slovakian localities, hope enjoy..
  11. miso

    Pinguicula alpina

    yes, lot of fun there ;) starts raining and friends (as usuall) shout on me - come on miso, dont waste a time with soothing again.. so this is one minute picture
  12. it is surprising how ruderal holland hybrid can be. but in this size no new pitchers has been produced.
  13. next season (after this shot) there was more inflorescences but i was lazy to take a camera... and this season the plant is cutted to many smaller plants so no flowers, but one time i will do a picture with really huge amount of flowers i hope.. and thanks for comments..