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  1. The plants look great even when they´re in winter, they look healthy and strong. Thank you for sharing with us.
  2. Jabok

    Hybrid Nep List

    hello, i got a nepenthes ventrata flowering and would like to try to pollinizate ventrata female date around 20/5/2012 local nursery PM a photo of the flowers http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/3307/11052012059.jpg
  3. Jabok

    nepenthes ID

    hi, can anyone ident this nepenthes please?
  4. Hi, this summer i am going to visit Cádiz (Andalucia, Spain) and i will like to see some drosophyllum. Can anyone tell me any place where i can find them? I know that this is a delicate topic so may you want answer by PM. Thank you. Sorry for my english, it's bad.
  5. thanks to all. I can take care better of my nepenthes. the information is very usefull thank you.
  6. hello, im new in nepenthes cultivation, and i need your help to classify this nepenthes. 1-nepenthes ventrata 2-nepenthes miranda 3-nepenthes velvet 4-nepenthes hookeriana 5-nepenthes truncata x ventricosa 6-nepenthes mirabilis 7-nepenthes rafflesiana 8-nepenthes sanguinea 9-nepenthes gracilis 10-nepenthes ventricosa. also this is a good soil for they??? 40% peat moss, 40% coconout fibre ,20 living sphagnum and same barks of pine. thank you.
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