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  1. Can certainly see how it has come on - well done.
  2. This looks a lot like the one I bought a couple of months ago, but mine was an even paler green with no red veins. Take a look at my posting todays date KP
  3. Lovely pics. If I had the room and the money, I would have a place full of carnies !
  4. In June I bought a rather pasty looking purpurea and a VFT. The purpurea was definitely starved of light, it was pale green and had no red colouring to speak of. I'm no expert, but with a few hours sunlight, rainwater and a few flies, take a look at the improvement. There are some other pictures of the new healthier plant on my Flickr stream. For a rank amateur, I am really pleased the way this plant has improved in such a short time.
  5. Even after only 2 days, they seem to be enjoying life on the windowsill and we had a bit of sun Monday and Tuesday.
  6. Yes, but the ones I've had for 2 months are doing OK. The pics you have seen are o fplants bought yesterday from a garden centre.
  7. Well, you answered one question I hadn't asked. I thought especially the chunkier one was short on light, as the pitchers aren't fully open. From this morning they will be out on the windowsill in what sunshine we have left. Gets good morning light from sunrise to about 10am. Thanks. KP
  8. I picked up 2 pitchers in the west country yesterday which weren't labelled other than Sarracenia. As there are many more experts on here than you can shake a stick at, I'd appreciate guidance. If anyone can give me their opinion on what sorts they are, it would be appreciated. The Purpurea and VFT I bought back in June have had a good summer on the bedroom outside windowsill, feeding well and are looking very healthy. Item marked New 1 is shorter and stubbier than New 2 which has tall thin pitchers with a little more colour in (I saw through one of them and could see it had fed well
  9. Because I lack ideal growing conditions, I have only had relative success with my small carnie collection. Then in May, I had to go into hospital for major surgery, so I farmed out my trough of terror which has 2 pitchers and a sundew in, to my pal Bob the Butcher, who has a garden and a water butt to give the plants just what they need. I have neither of those luxuries. Last week, I had the opportunity to pop down to the west country and whilst I was there, I bought a couple of new plants from a garden centre near Clevedon, who have a small but interesting selection. I plumbed for a hybr
  10. Hello everybody. It's been quite a while since I posted on here. Unfortunately, just over a year ago, I learned I had a tumor growing on my right kidney and so, dealing with that took up a lot of my time and attention. I've recently had it removed and am recovering well. Just before I went into hospital for the big jobbie, I handed over my tub of carnies to my butcher, who knows nothing about gardening, plants or carnies. There was of course good reason for this act. He has a water butt full of rainwater and unlike me, a garden. My collection of plants has dwindled away over the past th
  11. soxer123

    Wakey wakey

    Well, I banished all my plants to the kitchen which is cold, last September time. I accidentally let them dry out once, which has cost me a pitcher plant and a sundew. The VFT which I though lost too, is showing signs of life. I shan't ditch the pitcher yet, as I am sure these little blighters can hold one or two surprises. Thought I'd herald spring with this pic of the recovering VFT.