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  1. Hi Maciej,

    do oyu have some Heliamphora for spare at the moment?

    Best Regards,


  2. Wow, great Plants and great coloration! Congratulations!
  3. Hello, I want to show some rosetted tuberous drosera. Enjoy
  4. Great plants and great pics! Michael
  5. Michael Z


    From the album: Tuberous-Drosera

  6. Michael Z


    From the album: Tuberous-Drosera

  7. Michael Z


    Great! Keep on showing us pictures of your plants...
  8. Michael Z

    In Lebanon...

    Great! I'm looking forward to see new pictures. Did you also see Biarum ssp.?
  9. Hi Sean, Thanks for sharing. When are the Drosera and Orchids dormant? In wintertime - or are they growing the whole year around? Michael
  10. Michael Z


    Hi Johannes, great pictures and plants. Keep on showing us pictures of your flowers! Michael
  11. Martin - great plant and great pics! Seems as if there are more winter growing species shown here in the form as in the past years. Thats great!