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  1. Hi Maciej,

    do oyu have some Heliamphora for spare at the moment?

    Best Regards,


  2. Wow, great Plants and great coloration! Congratulations!
  3. Hello, I want to show some rosetted tuberous drosera. Enjoy
  4. Great plants and great pics! Michael
  5. Michael Z


    Great! Keep on showing us pictures of your plants...
  6. Michael Z

    In Lebanon...

    Great! I'm looking forward to see new pictures. Did you also see Biarum ssp.?
  7. Hi Sean, Thanks for sharing. When are the Drosera and Orchids dormant? In wintertime - or are they growing the whole year around? Michael
  8. Michael Z


    Hi Johannes, great pictures and plants. Keep on showing us pictures of your flowers! Michael
  9. Martin - great plant and great pics! Seems as if there are more winter growing species shown here in the form as in the past years. Thats great!
  10. Thanks for your comments. John: Yes they look clean - this is because they are grown in my heated greenhouse, this means no prey