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  1. Hi, I no longer keep any CP, this setup was dismantled about a year ago
  2. Hi all, I've had this cactus for about 4 or 5 years. I bought it at a car boot sale from an elderly gentleman who was selling, among other things, his collection of Cacti as he was going into a retirement home and couldn't take them with him. It was a large cactus when i got it and i guess it must have grown a little since i've had it, either way i've shown a CD to give an indication of size. I was hoping someone out there might be able to identify what species it is?
  3. I love all those photo's of Heliamphora! I hope one day i get to see them in the wild. Thankyou for sharing them with us
  4. Wow! they are some great looking Heli's. Thanks for showing them
  5. This one is from one of Norman Parkers original plants i believe, though it doesn't appear to be an elongata though?
  6. Thanks Dani, It could well be that hybrid, there's definitely H.nutans in it. All i know is that it is a cutting of a cutting of a cutting etc going back to the original plant that was collected from Tramen Tepui in the 1960's
  7. Here's a photo of the two latest pitchers of this lovely Heli clone/species. I love the shape of the pitchers and the nectar spoon, the golden hairs & especially the triangular glabrous area.
  8. Hi , I dont cool my terrarium at all. It stays at whatever the room temperature is, which could be 21C during winter (lower at night), and sometimes up to 30C during the day during the summer months. The humidity is high enough in the enclosed terrarium, with some fans that help to circulate the air.
  9. Hello Hely92, Pretty much all old pitchers on Heli's go red and yellow as they die back with age. You can see one of my H.tatei on the right of my photo. How long has it been since it grew a new pitcher? Your plant look fine to me, if there was a serious problem (rot etc) the pitchers would usually die from the bottom up instantly going brown.
  10. My H. pulchella is flowering for the 1st time and the 1st of two flowers has opened
  11. Hello Kath, I shall add a few replies for you . Regarding what are the easier Heli's to grow, Minor is easy as is heterodoxa, though i find nutans to be one of the more tricky ones. Your Humidity/Temperature levels are spot on. Heliamphora do indeed like LOAAAADS of light. In my terrarium i use two 125W Envirolites (on a 12 hour photoperiod) which give approx 13,000K and the plants appear to still want more! Hopefully someone will be able to let you know how to rig up your mini greenhouse, Ben.
  12. Here's a few of my almost mature Heli's H.pulchella Chimanta (Flowering for the 1st time) H.tatei var. tatei Hauchamacare H.folliculata Aparaman H.minor Auyan
  13. Well isn't that a good argument for these purps to remain where they are? I know that purps have been 'naturalised' (is that the word?) in Ireland and Switzerland? (somewhere else in Europe), and that is a good thing since their 'natural' habitat in the US is decreasing all it would take would be a freak summer/winter or a viral/fungal infection and the only ones left would be the ones in greenhouses. These purps aren't harming any other wildlife other than the odd fly or mosquito that ends up as prey. I know these have been illegally introduced into this bog, but if they are monitored and controlled then they would prove useful, as Stew said for re-populating sites in the US.