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  1. Im 23, 24 in July. Ah, how time flies..........I'll be 90 before I know it! Heather
  2. LJ

    Grow Dionaea from Seed

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Some of you make it sound very easy - I hope it really is that easy! Very detailed Steve (and a wee bit complex), although like you said everyone has their own favourite way of doing things and it sounds like its working well for you. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed description for me. Well I'll give it a go, keep my fingers crossed and see what happens! Regards Heather
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone! Regards Heather
  4. LJ

    Grow Dionaea from Seed

    Thanks Alexis, its isnt a grow your own kit - i know they are meant to be pretty terrible! Do I need to ensure a particular temperature? Should i keep the soil barely moist or quite wet?? Successfully growing quite a few vft's already but have never grown from seed (apart from sundews which seem to germinate very easily). Thanks Heather
  5. Hi Can anyone ponit me in the right direction for some good instructions on how to grow vft's from seed?? Or if anyone has any useful tips or advice I'd appreciate it. :? Thanks Heather
  6. I live in Sheffiled, part of South Yorkshire in the UK. Not quite as beautiful as Devon (lucky Dee) but I like it all the same! Heather
  7. Hi Mike Will let you know soon if I can come, in the meanwhile could you send me some B&B details? (wav: Many thanks Heather
  8. Thanks Stephen. Yep, it does seem to be a bit mixed up! There seems to be a lot of grey areas when it comes to vfts............still love 'em though! Heather
  9. Hmm, plenty of conflicting answers there then! I have an 'all green' which is all green at the moment but that may ofcourse change over the summer. I have seen plants labelled 'heterodoxa' for sale but they looked very similar to my 'all green' so didnt buy it..........
  10. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to advise on the differences between the 'all green' and 'heterodoxa' varieties? Are they just different names for the same thing or are there definite differences? I'm quite new to all this so apologies if this is a bit of a daft question, knowing my luck I'll be the only person here who doesn't know the answer Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Heather