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  1. Hi Andy Well I've always found you lovely to deal with on email, I know many also agree with me that you're a great guy!! I was certainly pleased with the orders I've placed with you in the past too. I know you wouldnt have meant to mislead anyone and sure no-one feels that way but some of the newbies to the hobby might have got confused! I'm so pleased to hear you've taken my comments on board though, just trying to lessen the number of potentional fakes going round. I did think about emailing you about it but didnt want to seem rude!! All the best, Heather
  2. Wow you certainly have a love for anthro free sarras - looking very nice btw! Great to see and anthro free excellens too - thats the first one I've heard of - maybe I'm a bit behind on the sarras news though. Heather
  3. Ah well that kinda makes sense if you are trying to support the people on that forum. A decent forum from what I hear, sadly I just dont have the time to use too many forums - not enough hours in the day! Triffid Nurseries is a good place to buy - just beware of their vft seeds - I do not agree that they label the seeds 'akai ryu' seeds / 'royal red' seeds etc - you cannot grow named clones from seed. They do have a note saying they are from crossing 2 pure bred parents but crossing 2 'akai ryu's' does not get you an 'akai ryu' - it may very well get you a nice red clone though but please do not label it 'akai ryu' - if anything label akai ryu x akai ryu. The guy who runs is is lovely but I really dont agree with how they sell their vft seeds - its very misleading and could easily lead to lots of fake plants circulating. Try not to keep pressing the compost too much you'll end up compacting it - just looking or lightly pressing to feel the moisture content should do the trick - aim for damp and not too wet and you'll be fine! Good luck with germinating your vft seeds, hope your other vft continues to grow well too
  4. I wouldnt worry too much about virus's - its not very common in vfts and unlikely if you only have a few. Havent really heard of virus's in pitcher plants or sundews - if they look ill its more likely something else like root rot (fungal infection) or pest related. If your vft is going red then thats a good sign, some go redder than others though.....the trap may just be dying off naturally so dont dont worry. Or perhaos it caught something its having a hard time digesting. As long as the majoriuty look healthy it will be fine. The weather should be fine now for germinating vfts, I wouldnt suggest trying to warm the greenhosue, the weather hereatleast has been coller the past few days and should be warmer again soon when the sun comes back out. just keep them damp but not too wet and somewhere wamr and sunny and providing the seed is fresh or has been stored well it should geminate ina few weeks. Did the seller say when the seeds were harvested?? Seeds should be available in the uk soon if not already, lots of mine are in flower now - no need to buy them and get them posted all the way from America!!
  5. Not sure I've ever seen a springtail so cant help on that one. Fungus gnat larvae I hate, the little flies are everywhere - most people say they dont do much harm except perhaps to very small plants, not supposed to be much of a problem for vfts - I do have problems with some heavily infested pots and tend to spray the peat until the little blighters come to the surface and subsequently die. Unless its a heavy infestation I wouldnt worry too much, I have them in so many pots! Its a constant battle to keep them under control! Does no-one else find this?? Or notice deteriorating vft health only to find the pot infested?? Ofcourse there are some other pots full of them with no problems at all, I wonder if they have a little nibble and it becomes infected on some plants? If you have simply seen one little fly then not sure thats a reason to spray - I'd only spray for actual confirmed problems never for prevention. As for aphids - if your plant has them you can usually see them!! Or the effects at least - they usually cause sickly plants with deformed traps......
  6. LJ

    leaf cutting maturity

    Arrrrgggghhh - named clones and culitvars should only be propgated vegetatively - ie you cannot grow them by seed!! I'd love to have a few choice words with the person selling B52 seeds!! As for how long - depends on the clone, conditions, size of leaf etc - sometimes similar leaves will produce one of 2 larger growing points sometimes they will produce more plantlets but they'll be smaller.....the only thing you cna do is take the cuttings and wait and see! I also dont understand question 2 and agree with mmlr38 re the other questions.
  7. LJ

    light in dormancy

    Hayden - if your porch is unheated then personally I'd go with this option even if its north facing, it will still benefit from natural light levels decreasing in winter / increasing spring etc even if its not direct sunlight. A normal windowsill is too warm. Do you not have anywhere sheltered outside you could put it? If not then I'd go with the porch....
  8. LJ

    light in dormancy

    Tha_Reaper - only people in climate too hot or too cold use the fridge method - people in the UK have no need to do this, I'd think a lot of europe may be the same as us but obviously depends how cold the winters get. We had an exceptionally cold winter last one and all vfts were fine outside with no additional heating. People that do the fride method should ideally decrease light beforehand gradually so the plant knows its time for dormancy, I dont think putting it in the fride in full growth is giving it a proper dormancy - decreasing light levels / day lengths / temps getting colder are the triggers for dormancy - thats why putting it somewhere with natural light helps. People generally keep them in the same place for winter - try and think about their natural climate, they get as much light as nature allows when outside in winter - try to do the same so keep it somewhere with a good amount of natural light and somewhere cold and well ventilated and it will be happy enough - really needs to be under 10 degrees C so normally a windowsill indoors is too warm, a greenhouse / coldframe is ideal, an unheated porch / conservatory / shed with natural light etc. Putting it somewhere with very little light isnt advisable - eg a dark shed with no windows.
  9. Doh - just noticed this is from the beginning of Mayl! Any news on how the vft is doing now???
  10. I actually think it doesnt look that bad, I dont normally worry too much over just a couple of browing or aborted traps, more than a couple yes and perhaps check if the bulb is still white and firm and then repot . One thing I eill say is I agree it does look like its siffering through lack of light - there is some red in the traps but I think these are old traps as some of them look VERY green, the leaves also look very green - it does need more light. No need for vfts to have higher humidity either - what are the temps like outside at the moment?? If its still too cold then try and increase the light. Also its too wet, try and aim to keep it just damp. What is your growing medium as it looks heavy - is it pure peat? I'd think about making it a bit lighter and adding some perlite.
  11. Well thats great news if it is, would be good to get this one in circulation! I have a lochness plant but who knows whether its the real one, probably unlikely but its a great looking clone so I keep it regardless, just darent pass it on as people say all the ones people are growing are fake, I wouldnt trust myself to make that call about it!! I'm rather excited though about your news of a real lochness! Fingers crossed it grows well and divides so you can spread it around :) Shame about not pollinating the minor, there's always next year year though.....
  12. Ah yes, trade him in - now there's an idea, lol!! Its only been 3 months though, better give him a bit longer before divorcing him for being rubbish at DIY I should have married a CP enthusiast, or a gardening enthusiast in the very least
  13. Protection from freezing or strong wind and heavy rain is a good reason for a greenhouse or coldframe, even with the doors open there is still a lot of protection, plants are known to grow better in summer in greenhouses and it then offers protection in winter. Also the temperatures inside maybe slightly warmer, ofcourse they are all hardy and grow outside in their natural environment but people that have been growing plants for as long as I have been alive grow their plants in greenhouses - those kept fully outside tend to not grow as well and start growing later than those in the greenhouse. I have plants growing outside too and while they benefit from more air circulation they dont look as good as the ones in the greenhouse (damage from rain and wind), they start growing later in spring etc. Perhaps its different for countries with really good summer, they will grow equally as well fully ouside ina bog garden. Capensis naturally grows in Africa I think so they do not have cold winter.....the plant is not naturally hardy and dies off every winter, however they usually re-grow again from the roots, for sure they are very tough little plants. My binata are the same and regrow after being left in freezing conditions but perhaps some binata are different to others - I do not know enough about drosera though - I do know some filiformis are hardy but some are not. Dionaea are hardy though.
  14. A couple of weeks is normal for germination, sounds like its all going well
  15. Personally I think the air circulation will be beneficial in winter, good for preventing rot etc. I have heard if plants freeze for a long time they can dry out because they cannot take up water but they need very little water in winter anyway! And surely this is the same principal whether they are kept in a greenhouse or a construction like Phils - its still the same if they freeze and are unable to take up water, people plants freeze for weeks maybe months and are fine - mainly because plants need very little water in winter, the plants are dormant after all. I haven't heard of anyone misting plants in winter when they are frozen to stop them drying out!! For me air circulation is a good thing not bad. I'm not sure the humidity is that high in the greenhouse either in winter, I tend to leave the door and vents open and the trays have no water, not really what I would consider high humidity. I fail to see why Phils plants will die because of the construction he's made - something 'with a roof and good air circulation' will not kill the plants. Phil is more experience than myself and I'm sure he wouldnt build a death trap I'm not sure if I have read your arguement wrong or not but it doesnt make sense to me, can any of the long term experienced growers share experience of good airculation killing plants in winter???
  16. Very nice plants Alexa, it would be great if your plants is the real Lochness - such a shame all the ones circulating are though to be fakes. Loving the anthro free minor!
  17. Willy - most of us in the UK keep our sarras and vfts outside in winter!! They are hardy plants, Mike King has thousands he keeps outside in greenhouses. Not sure what happened to your plants but it should be no problem to keep them outside in a greenhouse or coldframe. And looking very nice indeed Phil - yep I'm jealous!! Wish I was as handy with DIY stuff.....or wish the other half was! No such luck though I do plan to extend the greenhouse when I get a bigger garden, its desperately full. Ah, there's never enough space!! Heather
  18. Hayden - being in a greenhpuse over winter or summer doesnt normally cause any issues for vfts, having bits of glass missing wont save plants - the heat at the moment has probably made any exisiting problems worse for Bill. Alos, you need to keep your vfts somewhere cold over winter - a windowsill wont be cold enough, a greenhouse is the ideal place. Just the same as it is in summer, keep it well ventilated - vents and auctomatic roof vents are a good idea and leave the door open..... I'm still going through losses too Bill, lost another 2 big cephs recently - they were potted up in the old peat but its the same problems I was having before More mushy vft bulbs too but mostly over winter, I should have repotted everything much earlier which I think would have helped but didnt have time with the wedding. I finally managed to get some new peat - Clover - it looks much better and not as dark as the westlsnd I was using but the pots are quickly covered in green slime, dont think its doing any harm but its looks yucky! I'm tending to grow more and more cephs just in pure live moss, I keep new and rarer vfts in moss too. Have you been trying to keep our plants on the drier side? Did you try a higher percentage of perlite? Let us know how you get on with the moss and moorland gold. I definitely think moss is a good option, just more of a pain in winter and harder to keep at a certain level of moisture I think, it can try out so quickly. - lost a few plants that way too! Do you think we're cursed??
  19. Wow, looks likes you've been busy Dudo, I know who to come to for any TC advice!! Looks like its all going well
  20. Crikey - very impressed at Stephens plant!!
  21. Nice colour in the traps but not so sure its anything totally out of the ordinary!! I think plants should be very different before they are given names....they should also be grown for quite a while to obseve the characteristics and confirm its stability. Orcourse if its something you have grown from seed them you may already know that......