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    A Warm Hello

    Hi Jerry and welcome to our forum Heather
  2. My short teeth has produced the weird traps its supposed to but like is said above it is not present all the time and does depend on growing conditions. Try leaving it in natural sun all year and full sun all day. EDIT - Perhaps its your climate being in Malaysia? if its like summer all year round then perhaps you wont get these traps, it might require changes in natural seasons, spring, summer, autum etc as it would have naturally in the UK (or indeed in its own natural environment). My yellow fused tooth does produce some fused teeth too. Not as many as the traditional fused teeth and is more upright. There is also the cp4 clone whcih is upright with fused teeth but I dont grow this one. I dont like the yellow description of it though or the plant named yellow. Neither seem very yellow to me :) Perhaps more so towards the very end of the season but its not really enough to call it yellow imo.
  3. I'd agree with Phil there, have bought seeds off that seller on ebay and had good results. CZ are rubbish for nep seeds!! Sadly there dont seem to be many places to get there from.
  4. Also you might get hold of cross teeth easier than long red fingers and it seems to be the same clone to me and a lot of other vfts growers I've spoken to. Chris Klein might have some of the vfts, just beware his cross teeth clone is not the usual one though, its similar but not the same as the one thats the same as long red fingers. He says his clone is an older clone than the usual triffid park clone, its still nice though. Apart from Trevs VFT shop you might want to check out Plantev.de website - they have lots of vfts if you email them for a list but they can be a bit on the small size..... Thomas Carrow has a lot of plants to offer but I think his minimum order value is quite high. I could probably spare a small B52 and small fused tooth if you dont find one. Feel free to email me through the forum.....
  5. LJ

    Bugz and Stuff

    Looking good jimscott
  6. Personally I think there are better places to from, though saying that the neps I've got from them in the past were ok but a bit small, I prefer other sellers though) - if there are particular neps you are looking for why not post in the sales and wants section.......there are websites like Hampshire Carnivorous UK, Chris Klein Germany, Extreme Plants (Gert Holland), Little Shop of Horrors etc - depends on what sort of neps you are looking for though. Certain people on the forum also do imports from BE every so often. I wouldnt trust them for named vft clones though, their own numbered clones like X11 are ok but most of very are very similar and not much interest in them apart from a few like X11. Heather
  7. To be honest I prefer live sphagnum instead of the dried stuff, sometimes the dried stuff tends to get covered in algae which I hate, its better for seedlings though. Not sure if its just me but I tend to find the plants grown purely in moss tend to dry out a little quicker so I probaly do tend to use a bit more water for these. I bought a bag of coco peat but it has mixed reviews and havent dared try it yet!!
  8. Welcome to the foum :) Heather
  9. LJ

    VFT-SWG vs. Fly

    Oh i was quite disappointed too!! Though if it had caught it I would probably have felt sorry for the fly, lol! I always feel a tad guilty when I go in the greenhouse and hear the dying buzzes of so many victims!!
  10. Hello Dexter - nice to offically welcome you to the forum Heather
  11. If I had more sun on my kitchen windowsill I'd keep on there permanently - it still amazes me how much the ones outside catch! EDIT - stupid amount of typos
  12. LJ

    Red Piranha?

    THe seller says he got it from you....have mailed you.
  13. Hi Fred and welcome to the forum Heather
  14. I'm not sure it would be easier if everyone used these codes - some big growers have already labelled their plants and wouldnt rename them to suit someone else's codes, plus they will have some plants that are different and wouldnt fit with the original codes. Codes are handy so the plant can be tracked back to Mike King. I dont have a code system for my plants but I do keep a note of the sellers code if they have one. I wouldnt use the same one as someone else though, they're more useful when people have seperate ones IMO, unless you have a massive colletion there no real need. May be handy if you have the same plants from different sources or even lots of seedlings you need to distinguish between - I get round the problem by keeping a list of my plants and making sure all the relevant info is on the label such as the sellers details then I can easily ID them, sometimes labelling clone A, B, C etc......
  15. LJ

    Ceph. German giant.

    Very nice looking ceph
  16. LJ

    Red Piranha?

    The guy selling the B52 which he named after seeing pics sent some lame excuse back along with a rather rude note!! Actually mailed someone else who was selling B52 seeds and they sent a lovely note back thanking me - they werent aware they couldnt be grown from seed. Trev - I'm not sure how the plant could be fake though if he originally got it from you........ Also I emailed you back - let me know if you didnt get it, you know what my emails like sometimes!
  17. Hope you managed to figure it out Gary?? Hayden - an update on some moss sellers for you..... both really good! I think the first one was for more moss that the 2nd so better value.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:X:AAQ:GB:1123 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  18. LJ

    Red Piranha?

    I would not buy this vft as you cannot label it as a B52, unless you can be totally sure its a B52 it should not have this label. I cant believe this guy has looked it it and thought 'hmm looks kinda like a B52 so I'll give it that label' - imagine if everyone did this - we'd have so many in circulation that are fakes! Opinions are so subjective that you cant do this. If you want a vft that you can only label as typical because you cant be sure its any particlar clone then go for it. For anyone else reading this I wouldnt buy any vfts from this seller if he is just naming plants them as he sees fit!
  19. I'm sure I have read that if the plants are not heading into dormancy and are growthing normally still then I dont think putting them in the fridge will induce a proper dormancy. Normally people put them in the fridge as winter is approaching and the plants are starting to slow down. If the plants are not getting ready naturally then you may just shock thme putting them into the fridge?? I would try to treat any pest problems first if you are going to try the fridge method. Hopefully some of the other overseas members will be able to help a bit more, the UK and europe growers will keep their plants outside for a cold dormancy so wont really have any experience of this, we can only advise what we have read. I would agree that missing dormancy for one season isnt really a huge deal, its only a problem if you keep on missing dormancy. Ofcourse its better if you can give them a dormancy but as I said I dont think putting them into the fridge in full growth will give them a proper dormancy anyway so may just be better to skip it for this year and try to deal with any pest problems......
  20. LJ

    leaf cutting maturity

    ***sighs*** Well it looks like there will be plenty of fakes going around in a few years! If you buy one make sure you know how it was propagated and where it came from, make sure its from a trusted source and its the real deal! I do tend to contact the sellers if I see something that looks fake or if someone is trying to sell seeds like this, usually you get no response meaning the sellers dont care ofcourse there is nothing wrong with selling B52 seeds but the seller should make it clear these wont be true B52's and should be labelled seeds grown B52 X B52 or something like that so its clear its not the cultivar.
  21. LJ

    Your Dormancy

    Intermedia and rotundifolia grow naturally in the uk so are hardy if you want to keep them outside. I also get capensis popping up everywhere! If you dont want them when they pop up just unroot them while they're young seedlings (also mine die down in winter and regrow spring if left somewhere cold, mine got frozen solid in the greenhouse last winter), you could also cut the flower stalks off to stop them going to seed. Binata also regrows from the roots, you can take root cuttings from these, I'm no expert on sundews not sure how hardly they all are so maybe do a bit of research before you let them get frozen solid. Binata are really vigourous plants for me but can take over a bit. Most of my plants (except my non hardy ones) stay in my unheated greenhouse over winter, some stay in my unheated conservatory if I want to protect from frost or in my unheated porch, all get cold enough for a good dormancy. I also have some of the more tropical plants and other cuttings indoors under lights, a few plants stay on windowsills too but only if they dont require dormancy.