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  1. Very nice pics Andrea Loving the 'pink thing' and ofcourse the vfts Heather
  2. Fantastic news!! Nice to have the EEE on home soil..... I'll finally get to go Looking forward to hearing more, you've made my day Tim :) Heather
  3. Glad I'm not an essex girl!! Brightened my day up catching up on these jokes though :) Here's a few from my collection..... Two mates were chatting and one says to the other: "What would you do if the end of the world was in 5 minutes time?" His mate replied: "I would have sex with anything that moved. What would you do?" "Stand still." he replied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloke standing at the bar, girl walks over to order a drink. 'Hey babe, I'd give you 'one'' he says to her To which the girl replies, 'Urrggh I wouldnt sleep with you if you were the last man on earth' !! To which he replies, 'Dont effing flatter yourself love, I was giving you marks out of ten'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mum and young daughter were walking through the park when they spotted a couple making love, the little girl asked her mum what they are doing.....baking a cake says mum the girl seems satisfied Next morning the girl wanders into the kitchen and asks mum where you and dad baking a cake last night, mum confused says yes why.......little girl says oh cos I licked the icing off the bed!!!! Sorry, not my actual jokes but thought I'd add them - can you tell I work with a lot of men, lol!
  4. Divisions that come apart naturally tend to have their own growth point.....the vft in the pic doesnt look like it has, only 2 old traps (hence the non-reaction to stimulating the trigger hairs). It may not get chance to produce a new growth point before next spring now as it is pretty near the end of the season, the rhizome looks like its buried fully too which wont help. Hopefully if its a good sized chunk of rhizome it will make it through the winter and produce fresh growth next spring (if it doesnt do anything this year). I dont mind dividing plants (that have a growth point) at this time of the year but dont tend to do blind rhizome divisions like yours unless I'm sticking them under my grow light. I do prefer earlier in the year though so they have a longer to recover before dormancy but hopefully will be ok.....
  5. Really beautiful sarras Cedric.......another one green with envy here!! Heather
  6. Were they bought from shop or from a grower/seller on the internet?? If the latter may be worth asking the seller? The first pic looks a bit like juthatip soper.....but unless you can be totally sure of the ID it would be best to leave them unlabelled or give them a descriptive label such as pink leuco hybrid etc.
  7. LJ

    Giant Cupped Trap

    Have you had the redline for long Gary - may be best to ensure it does get these redlines year after year. I'm rather suspicious of the plant after receiving several of this clone myself and it not living up to the name. Would love to see pics or know about the history of this plant, would be nice to find one that is worthy of the name!
  8. LJ

    Giant Cupped Trap

    Well it looks cool even if its just one trap!! I have some pretty crappy clones that I dont think are worthy of their names too, some of those will be going back to the name of typical too! I have to say I notice more red trap on vfts that arent called redline - sadly its a case of it probably produced them at one stage but might not have been a stable trait. Or pehaps they need REALLY strong sun to bring them out. Could have been somebody naming a plant to try and sell it better and make a quick buck. Thats why its important to test plants out in a range of conditions and for a number of years to check stability. I dont mind so much that certain traits only come out in certain conditions but its usdeful if the buyer actaully knows what these conditions are!!
  9. LJ

    Giant Cupped Trap

    Is this the cultivar or another vft with cupped traps? Wish mine were that big!! I keep making the mistake of letting them flower but it always sets them back a lot so not sure as yet how big the traps on the cultivar will get
  10. LJ

    A girl from Italy

    Hi Lara Welcome to the forum, nice to have another girl joining us :) Heather
  11. Always interesting to see your pics guillaume! Nice triton and loucha too Is the 10th pic fondue or a different clone?? I hope the little white/pale one grows well, will be interesting to see if it can keep the colour.....is it camouflague? Heather
  12. Not quite there yet Gary.......but may be next year. Hope you manage to find something else for your leatherjacket problem - I did try come across various other products out there for this but with different ingredients. Sounds like its one that should probably be avoided then, think I'd rather play it safe too. Back to the original plan of just using live moss for my vfts until I get the fungus gnats under control. Toimeme - do let us know how you get on with your virus problem.....
  13. Cant help with the answer but just wanted to say great picture - must have missed the string of tubers the first time round - very interesting!
  14. I've just spent the last 10 minutes puzzling over this one....it finally clicked though, lol!!
  15. Highland neps arent my area of expertise really.....I would think you'd need to keep them at a min of around 10 degrees though and those conditions might not really fit with the dormancy that the vft would need.
  16. I wouldnt think it was a good idea....plants go dormant partly due to naturally reducing daylight hours, if you put a light over them at night it might very well confuse them!! Even if there isnyc much direct light getting through they'll still recognise this as light - is it insulated already?? What plants are in the greenhouse?? Hardy or not?? I'm not heating my greenhosue at all or insulating it...but then I only keep vfts and sarras in there.
  17. Not sure about cites but there are other regulations to go through - its not a simple process!! Usually the seller has to be inspected to make sure the plants are free from pests etc (phytosanitary certificate). I think the importer has to get an import licence too - I think ours is done through DEFRA, not sure about other European countries though. Not sure if the seller needs an export licence. Hopefully someone should be able to clarify. I know Mike King has done imports before so perhaps he could advise better?? I'll contact him and see what he thinks. Its only worth doing if its a big order, you couldnt really just do a swap because of all the paperwork and associated costs and without the paperwork its illegal. I am hopefully doing an import from another country soon (though I'm still not sure on the procedure but the seller is aware of the regulations he needs to complete on his side) and it will cost me around £80 for shipping, customs fees and paperwork so for one plant thats a lot of extra cost. An interesing clone though, fingers crossed it makes it over to europe soon!! I have read about it already on the ICPS website.
  18. There may be quite a few members but i'm guessing many are like me wouldnt feel confident writing an article.....not everyone has a flair for writing and not everyone will feel they have sufficient knowledge/experience. Reminders on the CPS website and here re the sorts of things articles are wanted on/ how big they should be / deadlines etc might help get more interest. The incentive idea is a good one but would need to be something that doesnt really cost the society much. I figure the people that would be best placed to write articles - the likes of Stewart, Mike King and all the others with good collections or good experience are those that have the least amount of free time for actually writing anything!! Not sure these people would really be encouraged by any incentives either, perhaps gentle persuasion by direct contact to the bigger collectors/sellers is the way to go? General members might be encouraged by some sort of incentive though, would be good if we can get more general members involved too. Perhaps those members (you know who you are!!) doing experiements with mediums, fertilisers, lighting might write some articles if we're lucky :)
  19. Ah, does this mean I shouldnt buy it (from a UK source) or use it then?? I know if thats the case its shouldnt be imported. I'm guessing its atleast restricted as it was pretty hard to find anything! It would be safe to use though, right? Getting a tad worried about all these chemicals, may have a little one next year so would rather play it safe......
  20. James - unfortunately good peat is a getting harder and harder to find here - sometimes we have to accept that buying peat just isnt environmentally friendly, some brands will be better/worse than others for this but either way its not an ideal solution.....hopefully one day we'll find a good alternative to peat but until then we have to live with that on our conscience and use whatever we can find here I'm afraid. Moorland gold is out there but pretty expensive and dont think there really is mcu helse to use. I'm using lots of live moss due to crappy peat and too many fungus gnats. I have on bag of shamrock but after the news it was going out of business/changing owners (cant remember the exact details sorry) then not even shure how much longer I'll be able to find that
  21. Havent had a chance to have a look yet, might be similar products here hopefully. I've just ordered a load of moss as repotting most vfts into this now anyway, just not sure how they'll do in winter with the moss. Might be rules on importing this kind of stuff though?? EDIT- I have found this: http://www.totalweedcontrol.com/shop/produ...68d34a147c94557
  22. Has something one out seperately then? I recieved one bit of post from the CPS but havent opened it yet but I had had something through the door to say they couldnt deliver because the sender didnt pay the right postage - I apparently owe £1.19 before i can pick it up. No great hardship to me but thought this would have been sorted out after the other similar problem with postage. Good to hear the publication sounds good though, will have a read later.
  23. Geoff - very intersting to read your post!! I'm seriously fed up with fungus gnats, just cant seem to get rid of them and have got to the point of giving up. I agree people say they dont do much damage but most of the time when I find a sickly or dying plant - I can guarentee the pot is infested with fungus gnat larvae!! They dont seem to bother my bigger sarras too much but are a problem for my vfts and cephs. Its not just the root chewing but also when they chew on the bulb it does leave a wound that is open to infection. I've actually started growing a lot of vfts in live moss to try and help with the problem. I might search out some lawn grub killer though now. I did try using some provado soil drench but some of the plants didnt react very well to it. Heather
  24. Matt - this is the one I mentioned that I'ved used after westlands.....it seems ok but tends to go either green and slimy or has patches of mould growing on the top of the surface.