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  1. Well sorry about the picture size thats the best my camera can do. Actually there not white thats the pus stuff coming out. They are very small and brownish black in color. All the new pitchers are growing deformed. They start to grow ok then a few of the black specs start growing on the pitcher and the bottom part turns a rusty color, the new pitchers usually dont get much bigger than a few inches and they never open up.
  2. Well im going to have to do more to kill these pests. Would the pests cause new pitchers to be paper dry?
  3. Ive looked all over the internet and I cant find out what this could be. The older brown lumps have a white pus coming out and this is spreading taking over my plant. Ive treated it with insecticide and fungicide and it does not work. I was wondering would it matter if I cut off the infected pitchers?
  4. Well I just bought a P. macroceras - Horned Butterwort. It lives in Alaska and Canada so it should be able to handle being outside during the winter.
  5. I want to get a Pinguicula and im not sure what type of Pinguicula can withstand temps of 15-20'f (-9'c) in the winter, and in the summer 80'f-100'f (26-37'c).
  6. I noticed on the bottom stems of my S. Flava there are little brown blisters. Ive noticed them there and thought nothing about it until they started spreading. Now they are spreading and the specs on the very bottom have white stuff coming out of them. If this is a fungus or any type of bug what would I do to stop it? Also is it to late for my plant? I just noticed that the new pitchers that are growing have these specs and have grown deformed or the bottom turned brown and never matured. I just did some research and found out that this could be scale insects. The site I found the information on said that scale insects often grow with mold. I was thinking about cutting off all the pitchers because they are infected and will not catch any bugs. Im also going to spray insecticide and anti fungal spray. Im not sure how to do eather please help. -Thanks
  7. Thanks for the help. I didnt know S. Flavas could live in the cold. I was thinking about making a bog garden and now I know what to put in it.
  8. They are pitchers from last season. There are no signs of new growth. During the day its about 60'f 15'C today is the first day I put my plant outside. Is the rhizome the stem? I felt the stem part and it was dry but somewhat hard.
  9. My S. Flava was left out in the snow not to long ago. The pitchers are green and the plant has water I dont know why but the pitchers are dry like paper and are starting to fall down. Is there anything wrong with my plant or is this just dormancy? I dont have much experience with Saracenias and all my other plants just died from being left outside in the cold.
  10. Thanks guys. I cut the dead parts off and the plant seems to have stayed the same except for a few brown spots and droping pitchers. I would say my venus flytraps and sundews have had it. My S purpea is doing good because it lives around my climate.
  11. I live in Massachusetts just north of Boston. I have to keep my plants in my porch in the winter which is about 50'f. In the summer I keep my plants outdoors all the time.
  12. Recently I put all my plants outside in the sun and I was suspost to take them in when I got home. I forgot all about them and a few days later they were covered in snow. All my plants except my S Flava and S Purpea turned black. Right now my S. Flava is starting to sag and die. Is there anything I can do to bring it back? Right now I have it in a room which is about 50'f I cant put it in a warmer room because my cat will shred it to bits.
  13. How would I use provado on my plants. If I put to much would it kill the plant?
  14. Sorry its been so long ive been very busy. I noticed little white spots on the leaves I also noticed whatever it is spread to my new venus flytraps that just started to grow. My sundew looks a bit like yours jim except its being eaten and defective new traps. I seperated all my plants and all my plants have it. I was going to rub alcohol on the stems to kill what ever it may be. Also I noticed a sundew seed is starting to grow and it is very cold out, what would be the best way to keep this new plant alive until spring?
  15. Hello, It has been getting cold around where I live. I finally brought my plant in after a few nights of it being real cold. I noticed some of the traps have holes in them and tops cut off. Also some of the stems are turning brown on some traps. The new traps that started to grow are growing wierd and are shrivled up. I was wondering if the brown and defects are from the cold? I have not been giving my plants a lot of water because of the near freezing temps. What should I do about the holes in the plant.