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  1. Hello, everyone. I have a lovely pinguicula gigantea. Last night I wanted to pull a leaf for propagation but unfortunately I also pulled the whole plant off of its bed. My concern is the plant has multiple crowns which I didn’t want to disentangle right now. I need advice on how to safely continue growing my ping. What I did was preparing a new soil mix which I filled a pot with. Because my ping has multiple crowns. I build a bit of “a hill” on top of the pot to put my ping on it so that the tiny roots can have contact with the new medium. It seems alright now but I am worried that I did not burry the roots like one does when reporting plants but pressed the plant on top on the soil. Help me figure out the best strategy with this. Should I just leave the plant the way I had repoted it or should I necessarily disentangle the crowns and pot them individually? My desire for now is to keep the crowns altogether but I will disentangle them if that’s what required for the plant to survive. Thank you.