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  1. Going viral as we speak... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d54_1400987759 Nepenthes! They don't realise.
  2. Reversed veins, and other deformities like lidless to me aren't all that but for some reason people like them. I'd rather have a strong, large robust plant thats really attractive. :)
  3. What's the fuss about 'goldie' it just looks like a really weak and poorly coloured plant, like some leucophylla that are pale with thin pitchers.
  4. Not quite all though! They are gone now though!
  5. :) I'd guess 14 is the average age.
  6. I did over 100 auctions as people that visited often bought more. Some people mailed to say they couldn't bid because eBay wouldn't let them, yet others with older accounts could. My eBay account is 15 years old and billed from USA. That's why it's all a but silly. If I block/cancel one bidder another comes along. Cannot win :) same here. I say Brooks hybrid for collection. All I get is PMs asking for price to ship to France ;) it's a 1m pitcher not likely :)
  7. I did all my eBay auctions saying I will only post and quote UK shopping. Yet people from all over Europe with USA accounts could bid in my plants. So I have reluctantly shipped to France, Spain and Italy. I have spent about £300 on Royal Mail in the last week. I hope I am not blamed for list plants when people have been paying £0.99 for a plant shipped to Europe.
  8. Names familiar from early 90s CP meets.
  9. I'm not entirely convinced this plant is as above. Needless to say its a very pretty plant thats more warm red/copper than yellow or red. Its about 2ft high.
  10. I wondered how tall so far. I have a Leah, but its not that mature. So far the Rugellii are racing up the tallest but I think the Giant Red Tube might win overall. The Ruggellii are about 50cm so far with small heads so they will grow quite a bit more yet.