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    Hello, I can't see a message. Welcome nontheless !
  2. Yeah I did and do again , Billy Guillaume and I registered the cultivar. so happy for you it was this one ! The best cultivar ever ( with original fused tooth imo) cheers !
  3. Nothing is more satisfying to look at than a large tray filled up with chonky Dionaeas
  4. G.Quenon

    Hello !

    Hi All, I'm Not exactly new as i used to be active on this very forum couple years ago (i've lost count) I'm Gayl Quenon from Belgium. Some ppl may remember me relatively to the D.M. 'Microdent' back in the days. :) At some point few years ago, i got some really bad situation had to move a lot and therefore got rid of my whole collection as I really couldn't keep up with it. For many years, i've been going through life without growing CP's and I realized how badly it was missing and how it used to contributed to my well being. My life is more predictable now and I am starting something again, was about time! Cheers !
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