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  1. Hi Amar, Many thanks for that. I won't bother in that case. I sent you an S.popei several years ago but that was in ignorance - now I know! Hope your plants are doing well. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi All, Can anyone tell me if it is OK to post plants to Switzerland from the UK as it is outside the EU. I have a vague recollection that it is now allowed. Cheers, Chris
  3. I have used 'Moorland Gold' for about a year but am continually weeding the pots of grasses & sedges - so it is by no means perfect. It is fairly silty & therfore I add less coarse grain sand or perlite. Delivery charges are minimal & delivery very fast. Cheers, Chris
  4. Isn't it also known as Red Sawtooth? Cheers, Chris
  5. Could be some spectacular sunrises & sunsets - volcanic ash is acidic so it could reduce the pH of the water. No worries unless you fly! We only have the cloud because the volcano is beneath a glacier & the lava explodes when it comes into contact with the melting water forming a particulate dust/ash clous. Most volcanoes in our hemisphere just produce lava. Cheers, Chris
  6. Well done ! - maybe they do listen. I must say that I only had one problem - a non-arrival & I got a refund in less than 4 weeks. What I felt was wrong was that if you didn't go about getting the refund EXACTLY as they stated & in a rigid timetable you could lose out. Mine was an Ebay problem. Since that time I always look for over 99% feedback or I don't bid. Cheers, Chris
  7. chrispy

    My Big boy

    Looks like it traveled well! Cheers Chris
  8. I'm very impressed - my greenhouse is a tip at the moment.Plants like mine with no flowers yet - you must be in a cooler part of Italy. Love the Cephs. Cheers, Chris
  9. Same here - buds just showing! Cheers, Chris
  10. Looks like a strong infestation of greenfly!!!! Cheers, Chris
  11. Thanks for the figures folks. The one I bought is by Vyair - a 5-stage RO unit. Bought as a 'Buy Now'on ebay. It is only 50 gallons per day but that is more than enough for me. Cost was £119.99 including postage. Improvements on my last one - has an electric pump which is pretty quiet - therefore no need to buy one and no low pressure problems - free TDS meter & a spare set of filters. Also good backup & spares for this unit . Amazing delivery - less than 24 hours from ordering! Have fitted this in the kitchen so shouldn't have freezing problems. If you are capable of doing a bit of plumbing it is not too much of a problem to fit as long as you have nearby a mains cold water pipe - electric 3 - pin plug & somewhere to get rid of the waste water - either a waste pipe to the drains - or, what I have done - into an outside water butt for my wife to water the garden - 340 ppm TDS - just checked - rain will dilute this - if we ever get any! Cheers, Chris
  12. Have just bought & fixed up a new RO unit - my last one succumbed to the frosts of the winter & several of the filter housings broke. Having learned my lesson I have set this one up under the Kitchen sink unit (just hope it doesn't leak) I was hoping to get away without having to get one as the last one supplied more water for the iron than for my plants. This month we have only had 5.7 mm of rain in North Norfolk so I was getting a bit desperate. The latest unit came with a TDS meter & although the unit is still strictly flushing out I have obtained a reading of 014 ppm against 217 from the tap water. Is this a reasonable reading? What range is OK for CP's? Cheers, Chris
  13. Unfortunately, I have found that normal post to the continent can be very variable. I have started using 'International Signed for Delivery' (much more expensive) but it seems to arrive quickly with no problems. Cheers
  14. I had the same problem but it is OK now. Great pictures - thank you. Cheers, Chris
  15. Many thanks for a super day out Mike & thank you Helen for the great refreshments. You have so many marvellous plants that it leaves me somewhat confused. Thank you also Joel & Alexis for the fantastic photos. My newly acquired plants are now settling into the greenhouse today as we didn't get back until 11.00pm last night - the other hobby - birding- took over & we ended up on Anglesey via Northwich & then to Peterborough, Fen Drayton & Sandringham before home & bed. You asked me to remind you that I have paid for a B52 !! Thanks again for a great day Chris
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