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  1. HI,

    I wish  these plants:D.Cuneifolia.D.Regia(or them seeds)

    seeds of Roridula,I want to pay them,but do you prefer to Exchange?

    With which plants?

    And what plants you have for me?

    Best regards


  2. Hi,

    I have Drosophillum seeds, my own, harvested this summer. I can give you 15 seeds for 5E.

    And I have only two seeds left from Roridula gorgonias. I can give you them for 1.5E. Seeds are bought 1 month ago on this forum and they are harvested 2016. I sow 5 of them 2-3 weeks ago and one seed started to grow 2 days ago.

    Shipping cost are 5E.

    BR, Borut

  3. Fantastic your plants I book me to buy some bulbs from you
  4. Hi to everybody, I want to give a very bad feedback to pedro ernesto, because we had arranged an exchange of seeds through registrated letter, I sent to him the seeds with registrated letter, and he has told me to have sent the seeds with the registrated letter, but he has not wanted to give me the nr. of his registrated letter, while me suffered I sent him my nr. of the registrated letter, has sent him many messages to ask him because his nr. didn't send me of the registrated letter, but he has always pretended of nothing, they are almost rather now 2 weeks that he doesn't answer me anymore: a little serious person! Obviously " his seeds " have not arrived never to me!!!!!!!!