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  1. Hey guys, So I currently have 2 aquariums on the go, one is a large cube which tbh is surplus and I'm considering moving the shrimp to the larger which would leave it free. Something I've always wanted to do was make a really nice indoor carnivorous terrarium. I have some pretty decent LED grow lights which would be around 18" above the soil and plan to have some nice sarracenia at the back, some VFTs mid and some Sundew at the front (or something). Now, I appreciate seasonally it's all wrong to do anything right now, but if I am to have these indoor anyway is there anything wrong with buying some plants now and setting this up skipping dormancy entirely or would I be better off waiting for spring?
  2. Looks like Aphid attack. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Coincidentally i looked CPUK today after reinstalling tapatalk after a long time away. Its all very nicely integrated. Tapa looks a lot better now than it did.
  4. That's it really? I have quite a bit of old peat in pots that were used for a previous collection that are now dry as a bone with dead plants. Is it possible to rehydrate the pots or do i need fresh peat? I'm fairly sure the plants have had it mind. They went super dormant (my bad). Regards, Darren
  5. Hi all, Randomly my aunty just gave me a NEpenthes as an early birthday present (she knows im into VFT's) and was being thoughtfull :) ) As a Nep noob please could some kind sole identify for me? Thank you muchly.
  6. good news guys, germination begins. The first 5-6 shoots are showing through and there are plenty of little green dots appearing. The better news is those that are germinating are spread across the entire tray, so, hopefully the entire tray will be ok. That's 2.5 weeks since planting, which i believe is normal? Will be planting 900 this weekend, will take photos of the process too. For these though I think I will allow germination to take place inside, and move them to the greenhouse one they have germinated and the green shoots are showing, i fear that the weather is far too temperamental to risk them outside again.
  7. I wouldnt say i was fussing, I planted themlogically but only in case there was a pattern, and because i took just a few seconds than otherwise. I agree 50c is hot, i was amazed when my partner told me this. Whether the thermometer was correct i dont know, anyway, netting up and prop chambers opened. I'm sure they won't dry out. The other 900 i will plant this month will be in the improved conditions. Thanks for your germination expectancy, thats good to know.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I also feel that the propogator may be a little too warm, I was interested mainly in the humidity but i believe they are getting too hot in there so for the next few batches i don't believe we will use propogators. We are using some netting now to break down the sunlight, although the greenhouse wash is interesting. 25 degrees is what outside reaches in the height of summer so no doubt in the greenhouse it will be significantly hotter. We have plenty of aeration and some top windows so hopefully with the netting the temp will be nice and stable. We will certainly not just abandon these seeds, although i fear they may have cooked. However I think moving forwards the propogators may be overkill as you suggested. Lets hope after a few weeks we're pleasantly surprised.
  9. Hi all, Some of you may remember that I was planning on growing some VFT's from seed. Well I acquired a good amount of seed and so have recently planted the first 100. The seeds were fresh (1 week old) and had been cold stored. I had and still am cold storing the remainder. Here's what I've done: got a greenhouse, filled 1 small tray with a water saturated Irish Moss Peat (Sphagnum) : Perlite : sand mix (mostly Peat) planted 1 seed every square inch (8 x 12 across) the seeds were placed on the top of the peat with a light covering of sprayed water, no sand, no moss. placed the tray in a larger tray with a gravel lining and about an inch of rain water placed all of this into a propagation container, basically a big plastic lid with air holes which is keeping humidity high in there So so far (5 days) no change to seeds, but that's to be expected. The thermometer in there shows the heat has been dramatic going from 12 degrees at night to almost 50 during the day. The temp is usually in the mid to high 30's though as outside temp is about 25 atm. Is this going to be a problem? I'm anticipating seeing the first signs of growth after 2- 3 weeks. I'm keeping the peat mix damp, very damp while not allowing it to become waterlogged. Is there anything I've missed or done wrong here. First time from seed and so a bit of an experiment. If everything is a-ok then I'm going to wait for signs of success and then plant the rest of the seed i have. I know growing from seed takes a long time, but I've been into VFT's since 2007, and love love is stringer now than then so I've plenty of time :) Thanks to all who can chip in and give me some advice. p.s. I've just given the old site a bit or a rejiggle, and will be documenting the entire experiment on there. This first tray is just a tester though so will update when the rest are done. Thanks again VFT fans!
  10. just to point out, i'm fully aware that only typical vfts can be grown from seeds however i'm not only looking for a couple hundred - 500 vft seeds im also after cuttings of various cultivar to build up my collection again. i have a claytons red, slacks giant, and some other ambiguous cultivar..
  11. Hi all, I've been away for a while, mainly due to moving to a flat and not being able to actively grow VFT's like I used to however the site is still there and is still front page, and I'm still getting tens of emails a week etc... lol I've got a friend who's moved near me, with literally hundreds of square meters of space to start setting up a little nursery, to aid the site and to hopefully start a nice collection going (and make some cash from sales). This means, you should see more of me around here again now that I can get enthused about it all again. I'll be updating the site to get back to the top position and hope to become fully obsessed in all things VFT. So, Hello to all my old friends here, should anybody have any growing equipment (poly tunnels, greenhouses, trays, plants, cuttings, seeds etc. Get back to me ASAP, I have cash waiting and spring is almost upon us.) I'm in the South West btw. Thanks Daz.
  12. nothing wrong with growing them on a windowsill. I've never had any issues with that. As for keeping them watered you may have to use one of those devices though.
  13. jesus christ. Thats a terrible looking royal red. There's definately webbing present, but given the pigmentation (or lack of it) are sure this is a royal red, and is it getting enough light? I have a royal red on my a windowsill with full colour. i also suffered a spider mite attack but treated the plant with an insecticide which cleared it up. http://www.myvenusflytrap.com/faq.php?t=sq&uin=27