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  1. Tropicbreeze, thanks very much! And I think Im very lucky to see this wonderful cp in the wild and not be eaten.
  2. Thanks for the great photos of Australian carnivores. I always interested in the native carnivorous plant over the Australia. May I ask one question?? I had found few red Aldrovanda in the Darwin area about 2 years ago. I had searched the information about Aldrovanda and every article told me that Aldrovanda is very rare even in the Northern Territory of Australia. So I don't know if the Aldrovanda I found is native or introduced by someone. Have you often found the wild Aldrovanda over the Noonamah or Northern Territory??? Thank you very much!
  3. Hello: I just come back from Girraween lagoon in Darwin, NT, Australia. And I am very lucky and surprised that I found Aldrovanda in situ!!!!! I used to believe that Aldrovanda had been extinct in Girraween lagoon so I am a little worried about that small patch of Aldrovanda were "reintroduced" into the lagoon by someone. I have many photos took by my submerged camera. But I don't know how to put the photo in this post. So I just post some of them to let everyone check. Hope you will like them! p.s.I need someone who can teach me how to put other photos that I can share the habita
  4. So it's D. menziesii ssp. menziesii??? Thanks Dieter ^^
  5. Thanks a lot to Dieter ^_^ My plant is about 20cm long, under artificial light, T5 39W X 4 with reflection. The distance from T5 tube to the plant is about 30cm. I gave them 12hr daylength per day. And the tuber is from Albany, WA, is that help?? Albert
  6. Deal all: I have raise this tuberous drosera for one year and fortunately it flowered on sunday and I am so lucky that I can see the flower and take photo!!!! Please help me to ID this drosera, thanks a lot!!! Red tuber Whole plant The pink flower Closer look of the leaf The other flower not open yet
  7. I have raised this unknown pygmy drosera (Albany, WA) for more than one year but not flower yet. Recently I found some gemmae in the center and maybe it's a hint for ID this pygmy drosera?? I really do want to know the name of this pygmy drosera, please help me, thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks guys, that help me a lot! I grow my pygmys under artificial light and the temperature rise to about 30 degree celsius recently. I will try to grow them in my cool room! Albert
  9. Thanks guys!! I do love U. muelleri due to the beautiful bright red leave and the floating flowers. But why it's so rare in cultivation??
  10. Dear all: My pygmy drosera (D. dichrosepala????) was originally like the photo below But it stopped growing new leaves and turn to the form below in simply 2 weeks Some of my pygmy drosera turn to that form but they didn't die nor resume growth during one year. Please tell my my pygmy drosera is dying or just dormant?? Best regard Albert
  11. Dear all: I spent my holidays in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia during these 2 weeks. Thanks to Thilo who provided me important recommendation site. I promise him to post some photo of natural habitat!! Hope everyone enjoy them:) Petiolaris complex in Litchfield NP, need ID ^_^ Drosera 01 Drosera 02 Drosera 03 Habitat Byblis sp, need ID, too! Drosera burmannii Habitat Petiolaris complex in Noonamah, ID please:) This is at dryer place, so many of the drosera were in dormancy.
  12. This is found in Albany, WA. Sorry I don't see the flower>< Please help me ID this Pygmy, Thanks a lot!
  13. Welcome to CPUK! Hope we can share the information together!!
  14. Thanks you guys! I have bought U. bremii last year and I put them in the aquarium. Sometimes U. gibba with attach to water plant and was introduced to my aquarium, So I just don't know the flower is U. bremii or gibba. Now I believe that is U. gibba! Thanks a lot ! best regard Albert