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  1. I received an email about the Kew visit from Dennis recently. Free Visit to Kew Gardens for CPS members Kew Gardens have agreed to host our usual free open day on 6th December. While temperate plants will be dormant in December, their tropical collections including nepenthes will be going strong and you will get a behind the scenes visit to their glasshouses. If you are interested please contact Dennis via the CPS website contact page. Whilst not the greatest month to see CPs I am just grateful the visit has been arranged and will be attending.
  2. Thanks to Les for hosting a great day and for showing us round his fantastic greenhouse. Thanks also to all those I obtained plants from today ( Paul Y, Elvis, Les, Mike K and Cookie) Looking forward to growing the collection.
  3. I think that is a living stone. I believe the genus is Lithops. I could be wrong. Try googling Lithops in google images. Jon
  4. I will be going. Not been to an open day in ages so I'm looking forward to it. What time does it start?
  5. There are a lot simpler ways to do this automatically. I have previously used a Gardena water computer (battery operated) to operate a solenoid connected to a garden tap. I then used a series of accessories (I think Gardena too) to connect to hose. I will post a picture if I have time. It's all in a box in the garage as I no longer need a spraying / watering system. The system does assume you will use a pressurised water supply in this case the tap. This won't be ideal for most CPs. You might get away with it for Neps though.
  6. Hi Vic, If you think the elected members of the committee aren't acting in a manner you consider appropriate then you could always stand against either Paul or Steve at the next AGM. Just a thought and not a criticism of you or condoning the lack of communication from the committee. Regards Jon
  7. Thanks Dennis. As there wasn't a place holder on the Website or in the Newsletter I began to wonder if there was one or not. Glad to hear there will be one eventually though. Regards Jon
  8. Does anyone know if the CPS are having an end of season meeting at Wisley this year ? I didn't see mention of this in the newsletter and with things drawing to a close this year I thought it must be coming up soon. Anybody know ? Thanks in advance. Jon
  9. A big "thanks" to the staff at Kew for another great day behind the scenes in the greenhouses housing their carnivorous plant collection. Today was as good as previous years and was well attended with around 50 members turning up for the meeting. A few photos from the temperate and tropical zones.
  10. There are now a few CP exhibits at Wisley. I only took snaps of the main display at the bottom of the rock garden though. If you keep your eyes peeled you'll spot CPs in at least two other places outside the greenhouses. Like Alistair said, its nice to see these plants outside and not in the greenhouses where people often assume that they are either tropical or tender plants. I'll take a few more pictures the next time I visit. Regards Jon
  11. For those of you living in the South of England there is a new carnivorous plant display at RHS Wisley. In the past there has been a paucity of carnivorous plants on display with just a few specimens on display in the greenhouses. This has been rectified with small displays of carnivorous plants planted around the gardens. I counted three areas where carnivorous plants were on show, but there could be more. The main display is situated in the rockery below the Alpine Greenhouses and is attractively set out as can be seen from the photos below. In addition to this main planting there are a cou
  12. Thanks for the tips folks. I'm putting it under a spot lamp later today with a perspex cover on it so that it gets the light without being fried. Cheers Jon
  13. Thanks Jan, Any tips on how to look after this plant a little better ? Like you said it doesn't look too healthy. Thanks Jon
  14. Hi All, I bought a tuberous Sundew a couple of years ago and as it hardly flowered last year I didn't take much notice of it. This year, however, it has grown a little more. Now that it has grown it doesn't seem to resemble D. whittakeri which is what I thought I had bought. Does anyone know what this is ? Thanks Jon
  15. Hi Richard, I've used gas for coming up for two years now and so has Ben. We both have had similar problems and successes so if you're going to Reading on Saturday we can chat . If not then here is a brief summary. Pros Its cheaper than electricity A good gas heater doesn't cost too much. I paid around £100 for an excellent Biogreen heater (1.9 Kw) which is ample for my 6*6 greenhouse. The heaters similar to the above have a reasonably accurate thermostat although to begin with you'll have to ignore the settings on it and play until you find the temp that's right for you. The exhaust fu