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  1. Hello! I'm visiting South Africa in September with my GF and was wondering if you had found any good web resources or contacts for locating wild populations of drosera (especially alba), genlisea, and roridula.... My net searches have not turned up much :/ Big thanks! Jon
  2. iOS 6 is missing some features I really wanted. Time to jailbreak

  3. Break-in at the girls' apartment:( Police officer that showed up was really goodlookin' though :)

  4. is the Emperor of a giant empty luxury apartment.

  5. Ryan Duffy and Stefan Sieber both engaged ... I better hurry up and do something!

  6. failed at failing an exam!!!!!! :/

  7. Glycerin has many other uses besides blowing people up!

  8. Who's this Ch'erman squatting in Daan's (ex-Daniel's) room??

  9. so who buys stuff from spammers, anyway?

  10. I'm keeping them very warm and very humid...the aquarium usually has a cover on it that makes it into a mini-Sauna :)