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  1. Pin longifolia subsp. longifolia - Ordesa Pin balcanica f. red Pin corsica f. pallidula Pin balcanica - white-rosy flower Pin bohemica Pin grandiflora - Col du Granier, France
  2. Pin vallisneriifolia white flower form Pin grandiflora f. pallida - Col de la Faucille,Jura, France Pin grandiflora subsp. rosea Pin longifolia subsp. longifolia - Valle de Pineta Pin grandiflora subsp. rosea x florii Pin longifolia ssp. reichenbachiana - Rocco Barbena Pin mundii
  3. Pin crystallina subsp. hirtiflora Pin longifolia subsp. causensis From Mende, Southern France, 400 m Pin corsica f. pallidula Pin longifolia subsp. longifolia {Valle de Pineta}
  4. Pin x Crystal Pin x Aphrodite (Japan form) Pin esseriana Pin gracilis x moctezumae Pin gracilis Pin Spec, ANPA A Pin Spec, ANPA C agnata x gypsicola
  5. I planted my gypsicola in a Tuff stone.
  6. October 2010 Pin gypsicola Pin Spec. 'Ayautla' Pin rectifolia from 'Huahuapan' Pin moranensis 'Guererro' Pin spec 'ANPA D' Pin macrophylla Pin Spec, 'ANPA C' Pin moctezumae
  7. Pinguicula medusa gets the same treatment as my other mexican pings. They are planted in pots with a diameter of 9 cm (3,5 inch), which are located in a greenhouse. They receive shadow during the warmest hours of the day. The soil mix that i use is perlite : vermicultie : coarse sand in a ratio of 1:1:1 with a little bit of added peat. In the summer i water them using the tray method, and let the pots stand in 2 cm of water, during the winter i keep the soil damp, but never let it dry out. During the winter I keep them at 5 to 7 degrees celsius (41 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit)
  8. Are you sure it is a P medusina? I think it is a gypsicola. P medusina P.gypsicola
  9. Pinguicula vallisnerifolia, white flower
  10. Photos from previous years of the same plant Regards, Wim 2008 2009
  11. Pin. ehlersiae Pin. ehlersiae (Santa Catarina) Pin. potosiensis moctezumae x gigantea laueana "CP2" x P. emarginata
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