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  1. aidan, when did you get the job modeling hats? haven't you enough to do?
  2. ada

    Water Quality

    joel, i've watered cephs,heli's and loads of pings with water sraight from the bathroom for years without killing any,so i dont think a week or two will hurt. :) ada
  3. great plants andy,wish i had more space to grow's the banana in the lawn? ada.
  4. my cephalotus grow on a north east facing window and only get morning sun,they are treated like house plants-i.e watered when dry or the pot feels you can see from my earlier photos the larger ceph doesn't get as much colour as the cold greenhouse plant(different clone)also nothing like the humidity either due to central heating.the one thing i've found though is they dont like being moved.even from one place to another when settled in.they even get tap water from the bathroom! ada.
  5. you need to find a bigger place to live!
  6. i believe what aidan says is true,i've read the same thing about reverting to normal type under "normal" conditions,but i can't remember which of my books its in.
  7. i don't mind taking the blame Aidan.plants have to be tougher up north. do you think steve will swap eden black for a raspberry the larger ceph is about 3 years old,it was a cutting from steve.
  8. the first red one lives in an unheated greenhouse year round and has survived many frosts,the second larger plant lives on the window cill until i do some leaf cuttings this year.
  9. steve, if they're germinating now it must be light/warm enough for them,just leave them where they are & they should be fine.i've grown hundreds if not thousands from seed,sown at christmas they are stratified naturally and usually start to germinate in april/may.they never get any artificial heat and stand the frost quite easily. ada.
  10. i wish i was only that much behind her! i put it in for comparison,the flower is 45mm across.
  11. how are you mate?plants o.k? your collections being growing!! its a bit easier to communicate now i,ve modernised and spent some money on a laptop(i only got it for the kids) thats my excuse anyway adrian.
  12. its either one of my yellow flowered forms or one i grew from wild seed,deerpark i think because i,ve altered my set up and things have been moved round.
  13. here,s a leuco that doesn,t get frosted over winter
  14. i don,t hide the fact i,m crap with computers.a newbie(is that the right phrase)but i can grow plants-well at least better than i am with this dam laptop. ada :dancing:
  15. sorry aidan,glad you moved my pics.what with resizing,uploading.copying ,pasting -too much to think about in one go,iwent for a i might post them in the right place when i take some later as they grow.
  16. sorry if these post are bugging some of you,i,m rubbish with computers but with the aid of my twelve year old daughter and modern technology bingo! we have lift off. we,ll post some better pics later,i,m off for a lay down. ada.
  17. i think you have the patience of a saint. how do people live -& learn without computers? i had to read books or get on with it.trial & error or is that life?
  18. i agree, everything comes to he who waits! sooner maybe than later,eh aidan
  19. i hope gerd,s plant is the real thing,but as droserguy says we all get done over at sometime.thats why for the rarer plants you usually have to wait until they are more readily available(which can take years)or put your name on a waiting list like Mike King operates. many serious growers will only deal with people they trust and have dealt before,so they are sure of the origin and material they are getting. fingers crossed gerd.
  20. depends,what do you call outside? i grow some in the green house which is open all year heating provided and they do freeze solid when its cold enough.the longest they have been frozen is about 2 weeks with no ill effects.they are kept moist not stood in water.