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  1. i thought that particular hybrid looked familiar Suzy. I have 15 left from the original cross,varying from 6 to 15 inches.i'll post some pics when they colour up.Joel,i thought everybody had that one! Aidan gave his seed away i believe,or did he donate it? Adrian.
  2. My tallest so far opened yesterday.35.5 inches tall(90cm)its a flava,my tallest leuco so far is 31inches! what will the autumn pitchers like? Ada.
  3. i grow some of mine on a north east facing window cill,i treat it just as a house plant.i water it when the pot "feels"light,only from below stephen said they dont like too much humidity and can suffer from botrytis so air flow round the plant is important,i think your bowl would restrict this.mine grows pitchers over 2 inches high and has 3 flower stalks this year.sometimes people can fuss too much and kill a plant with kindness. Adrian.
  4. Aidan,i'll try mine.two have flowered this year,along with steve,s giant chipola form.if i get any seed i,ll save you some
  5. probably! it takes me all my time to work everything else out. s.oreophila,sand mountain front,cherokee rear red tube,Apalachicola flava? veinless purp venosa,walton co last years pitcher of same flava cuprea,pender co red tube seedlings p.grandiflora pallida,jura mnts i think thats it,o.k Joel i'll try harder next time,Adrian
  6. hers's some pics taken today,excuse the quality, Adrian.
  7. i'm colourblind,but mine stays brighter red than the others like Sumatra orBay Co. Adrian.
  8. nice pic's Joel,your plants are well in front of blackwater flava is only half grown nevermind colouring up!
  9. Looking good Giu,it must be all that warm Italian sun. BTW looks like the Byblis is O.K adrian.
  10. thats southern softies for you,eh fred. you know i'm only joking guys Ada.
  11. Not yet Joel,my tallest is 30 inches(760mm) up to now and still growing. Ada :)
  12. VERY NICE any chance of some future seed? please.
  13. fred,DON'T! we must be on the same wavelength.
  14. you'll have to keep working away at those prices(6X8 £1000) did i read that right? i'm sure B & Q do it a lot cheaper. the best time for second hand greenhouses is winter when people get fed up with them,i'd wait and spend the saved money on plants too! ada
  15. ada

    Unknown seeds

    i got some seed like that in my greenhouse last came from a tree in a neighbours was about 20 feet high,quite open in habit with ovate leaves.the seeds litterally covered everything,no problem this year-new neighbours cut it down to about 9 feet.but it will grow again-DAMM
  16. the one i grow from Edale gets a lot bigger.Aidan calls them cabbages! they flower when small,the bigger they get the more flowers they have. mine are outside and one or two are just starting to flower. Ada.
  17. i've got a heat mat on for the kids geckos.its on a wood shelf & on 24/7 and hasn't done any harm.if your not sure just stand the tank on small supports i.e corners/middle/centre so air can flow round it. Ada.
  18. Glad to see you're back on the tablets Aidan.
  19. this is a better laugh than the telly,i came home early this dinner time and couldn't resist a quick peek.i'll be able to go back to work smileing now i've had a good couldn't make it up,could you. ada.
  20. deep breath's Aidan, count to 10! adrian.
  21. i've never seen any thing like that,must have been the shock of transfere its too late for april 1st. ada.
  22. alexa,the glass usually comes out easy,just poke the clips out.unless the glass has been set in putty,then its a real *******. then i take the roof off .if the bolts dont come undone they usually shear off,but are cheap enough at B & Q. then just undo the bolts that hold the four sides together.its a lot easier to transport that way and easier to get down the side of peoples houses.its also easier to store while you sort out the base/foundation.
  23. flower buds about 1 1/2 inches long outside up here in sunny sheffield. ada.
  24. save me some Aidan,they might push me to make that long journey this june ada.