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  1. hi everyone :pissing: this is my black tube taken today ada
  2. Steve, if you have so many try both.prick some out now and they will get a chance to establish before dormancy.leave the rest,this way you will see what gives you and your growing conditions the best results. Ada.
  3. pink,purple it could be blue to me,i'm colour blind! BUT my wife says its always better to have a bigger one! ada.
  4. ding-ding,end of round one.
  5. flytrapjim has some nice plants. did you see his greenhouses/polytunnel? ada.
  6. I'd say its got alata in it,the first picture on the right looks more alata than flava. Ada.
  7. Sheila,we had to clear a site at work of some old derilict sheds.they had almost been demolished when the nest was found with 6 featherless chicks,so i took them home.we still have four. while trying to reintroduce them to the wild,one dissappeared straight away,a magpie got one. The four remaining are feeding themselves now and seem less interested in being fed by us,so hopefully these will make it back to where they belong. Ada.
  8. Jim,its just from my own observations with my own plants,and a plague of small butterflies. i've looked them up on the net and narrowed it down to these.I dont know whether the catipillars store the toxin in pravado(like arrow frogs do from thier food).But up to now it doesn't seem to have an effect on them,so i pick them off manually.Also i keep the widows and door shut until later when the adults have stopped flying. Perhaps repeated applications are needed,but you are only supposed to do it four times a year i think. hope this answers your question, Ada.
  9. copper tops from Old Dock,Exum,typical. Alata,Jasper Co,Texas 60mm across. another flava coppertop seedling,East of supply. nothing to do with plants,our lodger,a baby wren.we've had it two weeks now.
  10. Have you seen any small butterflies about? some sort of skipper lays its eggs on the pitchers.sometimes half way up,where it eats a tiny hole to feed.More usually the eggs are laid at the top of the developing pitcher,here it eats its way in and this affects the pitcher.the catipillar is minute at first but still causes a lot of damage.when bigger they spin a silk home ,where they feed from,this can look like a curled edge to the leaf.Provado only has limited success. As Aidan says pictures will help, Ada.
  11. s.flava seedling,Hurleyville.S.Carolina.
  12. s.flava cuprea seedling from shallotte. s.flava red tubes,Apalachicola one for Earl,Apalachicola s.flava seedling,Hurleyville,S.Carolina ada
  13. Davy,i was right. cp journal vol 20 1997,not much to read but Phil says all four colour varients grow together at one site,no more info i'm afraid. Ada.
  14. Fred,your not trying to get extra money on e bay,are you?
  15. probably Davy,i believe there are red,yellow,orange and pink flowered wherryi's in cultivation.I think Phil Wilson wrote about them briefly in an old cp journal. Ada.
  16. mild indigestion? have you tried rennies!
  17. hello Heather, what Aidan says is true,i have two clones supposedly "green" one is,even in strong sunlight.the other goes pinkish after a check your supplier! Adrian.
  18. Gui,was it one of my seedlings?if it was i've got ornata's and rugelli's from the same batch of seed. Adrian.
  19. some plants hate root disturbance and this can affect them for years both in pitcher size and colour.Leucophylla,rubra's and red flava's to name a few.
  20. 43 in July! dont worry about being forty,worry what others plan for you. my wife gave me a surprise for my fortieth,she arranged me to do a bungee jump!! and i did it without having a heart attack! Ada.
  21. Joel,would that be an ordinary leuco cross rubra anthro free?just asking because i have a leuco x rubra jonesii where both are anthro'free. Or was it a yellow flowered leuco? Ada.
  22. Thats bad news.once a week!i couldn't stand that,i'm in the greenhouse at every oppertunity.wife and kids permitting
  23. Nice pics,i'm glad to see all those flowers have some pitchers too.i much prefer to see pitchers rather than sarra' flowers any day.
  24. hi Jason,long time no see. Suzy,i got two to i gave to a friend as insurance and the other is the same height as yours,both look very nice. Will we see you both at any open days this year? Adrian.
  25. Me again Suzy,your leuco from the military base is starting to look good now its decided to grow,very slow to start but now its going-hold on.