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  1. Count me in It will go well with the "suspicion" x (leucophylla x r.jonesii)all green seedlings.If you can tell the difference. Ada.
  2. Hi Wacker, where are you in yorkshire? When pushed i can use tap water here in sheffield with no ill effects. For those of you about to have a go,this ceph only ever gets tap water from my bathroom. Ada
  3. mostly alata,some alata's from hardin co,texas have long lids like that,but not that growth could be a rubra hybrid. Dont tell me,its crossed with a minor! Ada.I only say this because it looks like something i got from a dodgey nursery,a long time ago when i started.
  4. Giu,its a yellow flowered form from russell rd,Alabama. Yes Aidan,they're still in the same pot due to no room.most of them appear to be the dreaded leuco looks good though but i'll have to wait while it matures to be sure. Ada.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments lads,Howard yes it does remain pale,its from near Fargo ex P.Wilson.Francois,the ones you can see are only some seedlings,the mature ones are next door. The biggest s.minor is the last one its largest pitcher measures 33 inches(84cm)
  6. Here are a few pics of some of my s. minors.some good,some need a bit more work. ada
  7. John, mine came from Phil as 1 of three different seedlings.mine was one seedling,one of the others he named Melissa Mazur and i dont know what happened to the third. That's all i can tell you,but one or two people have divisions of my plant. Ada.
  8. I really like the blackwater leuco. Ada.
  9. i like the last one John,is it the walton co form? looks very much like mine.Ex Phil Wilson? Ada.
  10. Danny, it is also goverened by the length of the growth period.The further north you are the shorter it will be(winter comes quicker).Unless you use lights,the Italian plants will always be more advanced,but our's will catch up. Ada.
  11. Danny, i find the deeper the pot the bigger the plant will grow.This fits with your idea because the roots are still in the potting media and not sprawling out of the bottom in a tangled mess. I use deeper pots for some clones of sarracenia that are slower growing or only divide very slowly and it seems to work for me. Ada.
  12. There is mention of this plant(with photo's) in Stewart McPherson's new book. I think Mike named it himself but unofficially,so it wasn't registered.Mike might prove me wrong on this now though.
  13. Steve, i find rhizome cuttings produce pitchers that are o.k. If you leave them in the same pot for too long they will start to produce the pinched looking pitchers.Ithink its to do with nutrients in the compost,so keep potting them on. it wont stop it completely but they will look a lot better. Ada. As you can see the newest pitcher is showing the pinched look,but hasn't been repotted due to lack of space.btw its the same clone as yours.
  14. I think i know where i'll put my spare giant forms in future!
  15. looking good Andy, i can see where the flies are going. Ada.
  16. Yes Fred,still raining,but we've seen a big yellow thing in the sky this week. dunno what it is thou' Ada.
  17. Hi,Max,the minors you can see are the ones i've grown from seed.I'll post some pic's when they're a bit bigger. Aidan,most of those are from the power cut site, Okaloosa.the left hand ones are from Conecuh and a small one from Freeport,in there somewhere.
  18. Hi All Here are some photos i took today Black Tube Alata x Flava Giant Red Tube Red Moorei Wild Seed Leuco's Whitings Field and "All Green" Leuco's Seedlings Giant Red Apalachicola ada
  19. Great pictures Andy.they all look very clean,aren't there any flies down your neck of the woods?Or were they taken a bit earlier in the year? some of mine look very well used shall we say. Ada.
  20. Heather,i posted some pics of some nice reds a while ago.they're on page 8 of cp photo's Ada.
  21. ada

    My setup

    Thats the best use for a caravan i've seen,although i have seen one used as a pigeon loft too. Ada.
  22. I'm trying Aidan,but it been a bit wet here in sheffield-have you seen the photo's on the net?the football ground is only five minutes away,luckliy all uphill. so we've been a bit short on sun. We all know where Mike gets his best plants from-dont we. Only joking Mike,put me first on the wants list for that new flava,you know the one i mean. Adrian.
  23. the monkey was my daughters idea! she does the photo's. Ada.
  24. looking good steve,but i think you'll soon be needing more room. Ada.