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  1. No secrets Diva,Its kept on a NE facing window cill,quite a sandy free drianing mix,kept damp not wet.Watered once or twice a week with tap water. Yes you read that right.Ikeep it beside my giant ceph.Isplit it with a sharp knife this year and i,ve probably got five if i split them again already. Ithink Vic gave the wrong seedling away! CHEERS Vic. Ada. btw Dunc, how are the sarras going on?
  2. Danny,the Stone Co alata is a large grower,mines got to 3feet tall,and thats after splitting it up this spring!
  3. Stephen,this plant has flowered for two years now.Igot it from Vic,but i dont think his have flowered yet. Ada.
  4. hello all some pics i took today. sorry about the picture quality,it only opened briefly in the sun yesterday. ada.
  5. Danny,dont be shy,post some more.Your plants are looking good. ada.
  6. ada


    Sometimes they die,sometimes they dont.My six and nine year old kids feed them woodlice all the time.Its usually the only things they're quick enough to catch.They seem o.k to feed vft's though because they've grown them from seed to flowering size,with out any help from me except giving them the pot and soil.So how hard can it be? ada.
  7. Great looking plants Cedric,just what i want to see to cheer me up before i go to work! Ada
  8. Joel,here's a picture of mine and one for Fred to dream about. ada
  9. All of them? It'll be a bit draughty down your end then Fred
  10. Joel,ill try and get a picture tomorrow-batteries ran out,damm! I agree,there's nowt wrong with a good hybrid.But peoples opinions of good vary greatly.and i know,beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ada.
  11. hello all some photos i took today p.lutea about to flower s.leucophylla,Bednar and Citronelle clones.the Bednar clone is 41 1/4 inches tall! s.flava ornata,Apalachicola "green vft" s.leucophylla, Russell rd,Alabama s.leucophylla,Freeport s.leucophylla,Paradise Bay.just opening. "Green" purpurea venosa. p.laueana x p.cyclosecta "Green" leuco x "Green" rubra jonesii 1m tall enjoy, ada
  12. Nice looking minor Joel,the 'Bunting original' looks different to mine though. I'm sorry about the hybrids though-just not my cup of tea.Your picture quality is always far better than mine
  13. ada

    When To Plant

    Tom499, I sow,note not plant,all my sarra seed between christmas and new year when i'm off work.this gives enough time to stratify naturally and when the weather warms enough they will germinate.Easy. Ada.
  14. Pete,deep pots and mealworms or crickets and osmacote. Once settled in you'll be surprised how fast some clones grow. ada
  15. One does now Fred, i dropped it in the shallow end! or should that be DRY end.I think its stopped sulking-----just Ada
  16. Hi, the large ceph is Dudley Watts giant clone.that's what i got it as from Stephen Morley(some will say its something else)but i'm not old enough to comment on that.The smaller red clone is one i got from Phil Wilson,this too gets a lot bigger if kept out of direct sunlight. I've just got "big boy" so i can grow them side by side to see if there are any differences(thanks-you know who you are) Ada.
  17. So does my burkii(came from stephen)the chipola form goes very red and gets very large! I'll have to send you some seed back Giu,my byblis is still flowering with more to come Ada.
  18. Looking good,Giu. Is it the Chipola form? BTW i have byblis seed from your little plant! Ada.
  19. I'm with Aidan,leucophylla's can take four or five years to really show their potential.the batch i'm growing now all look really different to the spring with a lot more white developing on some,while others are more intensly coloured. Ada
  20. Phil, I haven't seen mine flower,probably due to some one always wanting a bit.I left it alone this year ,but cut most of the sarra' flowers off to save them the energy.As i said earlier,it always grows vertically,with no weak or floppy pitchers sometimes associated with rubras.They could be sister plants,i have no reason to doubt its all alata,but i'll be letting flower next time,just to make sure. Ada.
  21. Giu,I like the first leuco and the red alata. Ada.
  22. Phil, I have the alata from Nicholson(J.Ainsworth's Aoo7)It looks identical to your 4th picture(pitcher top/lid),but it isn't as tall as yours looks and its growth habit is always very vertical without the wavy ala. Hope this helps, Ada.