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  1. grandiflora does need a cold rest period,to help it flower.If its too warm over winter it will eventually die. they can stand being frozen solid outside.it will do it good and won't kill it
  2. Most plants sold in super markets are easy to grow with the most basic of information,they are plants every grower learns on. You should be able to google enough info on it to keep it alive for a while,even though its the wrong time of year really. Just look up info,it really is very easy to do without making yourself look daft
  3. You won't have much luck on Mars,perhaps moon dust would be better and speed up their growth ada
  4. straight out of the sky mine,tried duckweed but it lost to the green stuff
  5. I get stuff like that too and worst,if left i can pull lumps out the are like liver! i get the sun all day,if it shines and it does get very warm in the summer
  6. directed in the right direction? its a carnivorous plant forum ffs! not even a post about how do i keep my vft alive or my capenensis has no dew why? i think someone joined the wrong forum, they need guiding out of the backdoor ada
  7. can the mods or admin do something about new members posting crap! seriously we don't need bombarding with rubbish ada
  8. i think that's your problem,nothing in moss at all,no trace elements,no minerals nowt! they are starving. its only a drosera that usually is a weed in collections but give it a chance and pot it in something with a bit of substance ada
  9. Martin,i think its a poor year for leuco pitchers this year,lots of flowers in spring has used all their energy i think,
  10. i just got some that was on offer,but it said it would last 25years. 2 inch screws are a bit big,i'd go with 1 1/2 inch
  11. quarter inch plywood base,3 or 4 inch wide timber for the sides then line it with pond liner
  12. I'd go with root rot.Was it the european hummers? if so mine did the same end of last year,i left it alone all winter and spring,nothing happened.I was pulling it out to plant another ceph in the pot and found little green shoots about 5mm down,so just chucked the soil back on,now its back with about 5 new growth points.
  13. my temperate pings are going dormant too,don't worry
  14. Hello Shaun,      i will pack your seeds and post them on tuesday after the bank holiday.

    paypal is at [email protected]            the total is £6     many thanks and please let me know when they arrive, please send me your full address too.

    best regards,


  15. A lot depends on the heat.They go dormant even earlier if it gets too hot and start to grow again in autumn when it cools down sometimes. My pings are mostly going or gone dormant now but a few are still growing but much more slowly now,getting ready for dormancy.
  16. they'll be fine,leave them alone until next year. they can stand frost too. when they grow some new pitchers next year,repot them after 2or 3 pitchers.
  17. get as many water butts as you can! you can soon run dry if you're not careful. One butt is no good,it won't last long in a dry spell
  18. Please tell me you're not a councillor . I,m in wisewood
  19. Where abouts in S.Yorks? i'm in sheffield
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