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  1. They should germinate around the same time.Are they getting the same amount of light? My sarracenia seed germinated early this year,except for two pots.these were not quite as well lit as the rest,so I moved them into direct sun.A couple of weeks later they germinated fine. Slight differences can make all the difference!
  2. o.k,no greenhouse and bad weather explains the poor growth,
  3. It's very late to be growing its first pitchers? Even mine have been open for weeks now. It also looks like they need more light to me. It looks like the first pitcher has grown up into another pitcher to bend like that.
  4. good, it can make them very "green" and prone to botrytis over winter if they don't use the fertilizer in their system
  5. You must have been feeding them to get that big in 12 months! Splitting them now is fine,they will bounce back in late summer/autumn and be settled in for next spring
  6. Both are very easy to grow,but the drosera will more than likely lose its dew on the leaves due to the dry atmosphere in a house. The purpurea has water in its pitchers so can cope better and stood in water too helps more
  7. Try the sarracenia purpura venosa,my mother in law has grown one on a north facing window cill for years,once they acclimatise to dryer in door conditions they are fine
  8. I sow all my seed at christmas/new year,except pings which I sow fresh in summer
  9. Keep the trays high up in strong light ,keep warm and wet and you can,t really go wrong with fresh/stratified seeds of any of the common species
  10. Good to see some fossils too,but sarracenias,hate lime! Are fossils in limestone?
  11. any pictures of the trays? drosera and pings seeds are like dust and any seedlings are tiny when first germinated.
  12. Just had some seeds germinate from this location
  13. Are all your other plants o.k? did you repot any more at the same time?
  14. It could be a small tortrix moth catipillar,these make a small hole in the pitcher and eat them from the inside where they are safe
  15. Probably stress then,due to being repotted when it had already started to grow.root disturbance can cause this too.
  16. cold nights or aphids,was it potted up late?? many possibilities.
  17. ada

    Deep purpr flower

    Lovely flowers and plants
  18. They look very good in that set up Jeff
  19. I can see veins in some AF pups but Don,t know if they are red or not.Being red / green colourblind is no help.I have seen veins in AF plants that have purps and rubra in their parents,but can,t say the same for other AF hybrids,yet. Maybe I just grew the wrong seeds!
  20. Yes,it happens quite often in AF plants but I, m colourblind so can,t always tell
  21. ada

    ping ID?

    The flower is too open for vulgaris I think,but it could be a hybrid.we,ll see when we get a seed pod ,if it's fertile