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  1. FredG removed himself from the forum,and set up his own. He got the virus that killed a lot of his darlingtonia,i haven't seen him for over a year so not sure what he's got left ada
  2. I believe she had problems with her husband and marriage .I,m not sure but I think she gave up with the plants,it would be nice if she sited things out and let us know if she is O. K
  3. ada


    only the brown crispy bits
  4. ada


    its totally natural for the pitchers to die off from the top,the plant is re absorbing the nutrients from the leaves for the energy to flower,cut off any brown,dry crispy bits but leave the green leaves alone. Sorry it upset you when it caught flies but this is what they are designed to do,this is how they get their food. They digest the flies they catch to grow and flower ada
  5. Gaz,if the planters are dry and warm,then silicone will do the job very well. leave them in the house for a good few hours then seal them and let the silicone go off and wait until the smell is gone. they should be fine then.
  6. Sphagnum likes wet conditions to grow well,ceph grow better in more free draining compost with more peat in the mix but not kept too wet I find,just damp is best,at least in my conditions.
  7. I thought it had been repotted,this would explain the boost in growth with some fresh compost and a few more nutrients.
  8. Has the first plant been repotted? It looks a different pot to me from the first immature pitchered plant you showed.
  9. we all need a permit to sell from the u.k to europe over the net
  10. Who knows? The plant health and safety people are unsure of what to tell us.Do we need a plant passport to sell plants or not (over the internet)European growers say it only applies to business,s but the UK ,PHSI people say we need one to sell,unless doing business face to face with th buyer.
  11. Looks very posh Dave,got the seeds in yet?
  12. Just one more point,has anyone else grown these new cultivars? To see if they perform the same in other conditions?Or have they just been registered and sold on eBay for high prices?. O.K that's a few points but still valid
  13. Not on the Christmas list this year then Alexis?
  14. Nice,but not exceptional in my eyes,better than dunes though.would I pay what someone payed for dunes? NO! 200Quid for this one? Again No.
  15. First is SF11 from Phil wilson N.carolina. second is AS X LW and third is Laurens Hybrid,last is s.flava from miramar beach, seeds are available from these plants,i just posted the list
  16. It's not good to grow temperate pings inside long term.they should be outside in the cold weather for full And proper dormancy
  17. I can,t see any red in the leaves or dewy glands,so it looks like an alba to me,they are very common and cheap.they arrive in most collections as hitch hikers,posting doesn't, t do drosera,s any favours either,it,ll pick up soon
  18. Always stood in water? Very warm over summer? Root rot or sudden die off syndrome
  19. They are more tolerant whilst small,some will die over winter but you only want the strongest plants
  20. They will be fine,they grow up here without any protection at all
  21. Keep trying.old seed can still germinate next spring. I found some of my own old vft seed (six years old)and it still germinated great after a winter in a cold green house,same with 3yo ping seeds
  22. first of all,never cover cp seeds with anything,not even peat dusts. If they were stratified correctly,for 6-8 weeks with a touch of frost,the drosera and vft's should germinate in 6 weeks or so. ceph seeds are in a league of their own and germinate when they want to,sometimes years later. sarracenia seeds should be 6 weeks also but every now and then some just fail,i have loads germinate like cress this year except for one batch,the seeds looked fat and healthy but not one germinated, just a thought it might be a bit too warm for germination of some seeds at those temps,try lowering it a bit with a good drop at night
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