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    seeds are ready for you Pantelis
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    still no answer from anyone though
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    I can,t see my messages,where to access them on my works tablet now. Anyone got any ideas? Very easy before the up date,a pain in the arse now. Ada
  4. There are ceph growers in Brazil that can tell you better how to deal with your ceph in your growing conditions.try asking the person you bought it from. It could just be due to a change in humidity to where you live in relation to the seller.Keep it just damp and it might recover in a few weeks
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    Looks like the moderators have a new member or two to ban
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    where is the soil from?? it could have fertilizer in it,this burns the plants roots and they die,What water did you use?
  7. i know Killian and can recommend him and his plants very highly. Buy with confidence ada
  8. So long as it's wet and doesn't, t stink it's fine
  9. ada

    Hello there

    To be honest it doesn't look as bad as I thought,some are crispy! It needs to be stood in about 2cm of water all the time if it's in the window. It can get very hot behind glass in the house,also with windows open in the heat,the draught can be very drying to a plants leaves/traps. So find a little saucer and keep it wet all summer and it should recover well.
  10. ada

    Hello there

    Can you post a picture?Is it stood in a saucer of water?Have you repotted it? There are many things that could cause this,was it looking good when you bought it,or was it dried out like many are?
  11. Here we go again,I agree a very poor description of HG,the red one pictured looks like Big boy to me though,for what it's worth
  12. temperate pinguicula need to be grown outside! they will grow inside but long term it will do them harm and eventually lead to death. They form premature hibernacula when they get too warm,they will resume growth again when it cools down but this is at the expense of the plants energy reserves and it will be smaller and then when winter comes it might not have the reserves to survive until spring. They need to be outside
  13. As Rob says,were they covered at all? They Don, t need covering.I throw vft seed on my sarra pots and they germinate fine in full sun and take the heat of a greenhouse and are probably drier than Yours too. The wet compost gives them enough humidity,fresh air around them will prevent rot or mould in full sun.
  14. Pictures will help us,it could be a pest in the soil eating the roots.It could be the wrong type of compost? There are many reasons
  15. Always works for me,never had a failure this way
  16. I have a red stripe x leah w and the flower is yellow,so I would say it comes more from the leah w parent
  17. take any plastic bag/covers off the seeds. they dont need them at all. Fresh air circulating around the seeds is best,especially if you use new compost. I always use old compost for seeds where the natural balance of the soils bacteria/mould etc doesn't show any sudden growth or blooms to affect the seeds
  18. I have only very rarely had sarracenia send up a second flower,if the first is removed. It could happen if the plant is multi crowned I suppose but not from the same crown. VFT,s on the other hand will send up numerous flower stalks if you remove the first one
  19. you can select them out easily
  20. I think 2 years is a bit young,unless you are growing them under lights and feeding them? Also everybody likes different colours/hybrids,shapes etc,so you are only going to get that shown in a poll,or only the thoughts of people that can be bothered to vote, just enjoy your own selections ada
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    deep breathe in,and out. Did you read my earlier post at all?
  22. ada


    Plenty of growers sell their spare plants on here or on line.New members usually have to wait a month I think before they can see the sales section.Admin might change this with the things that are going on now,so long as the seller's can provide plant passports in line with present guide lines on selling on line
  23. Very nice,not at all jealous. Alright then I am
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