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  1. well grown plants as always Aymeric,i like the first one best
  2. very nice job,neat and tidy,well thought out too. It won't be long before you do the other side,order the wood now
  3. that seemed easy enough
  4. It is quite awkward to post pictures on here,compared to other places. some times it is straight forward and sometimes i just give up and don't post. Many friends have said its too hard ada
  5. P.grandiflora was my very first ping that i grew,still got it today.tough and good looking
  6. Here's a picture of a wild plant from a friend
  7. not for me but i know some who really struggle with p.alpina
  8. Thanks Aymeric, plants arrive o.k?
  9. ada

    S. minor

    we get late frosts too but i don't think it is that.sometimes the pitchers can have difficulty escaping the soil they grow in if it has been in the pot for a few years because the surface has become compacted or covered in moss
  10. ada

    S. minor

    Just the same as any other sarracenia,stood in water through out the growing season,damp in winter. what problems do you have?
  11. lovely set up for them,i think i'll try that, just got to find a nice shop or rock
  12. what you have done selfing each flower Is o.k too. What this does in easy to understand language is to intensify the genes if you like. Which means any good traits the plant has could be made even better, i.e stronger colours,bigger pitchers etc,on some of the offspring but it also works the other way meaning the bad points could get worse i.e bad pitcher shape,mouth of pitcher doesn't open properly and so on. Remember you only need one really good plant from a batch of seed to make it worth while. carry on and grow some of them,you might be surprised. ada
  13. A sarracenia replicates itself when it divides naturally, i.e after flowering usually it forms another growth point that can be removed after a couple of years with its own roots. sarracenia reproduce by seed.This can be either by selfing with its own pollen or crossing with another species(hybridisation) or crossing with another plant/clone of the same species. This is called sexual reproduction because it involves different gene mixes for each single seed. the resulting seedlings may look very much alike as a bunch,but each one is an individual and totally different genetically. any better Terry?
  14. Some of the better plants are sterile but i don't grow that clone so can't comment on it
  15. ada

    pings flowering

    not very good pictures jeff,but hope they help a bit
  16. ada

    pings flowering

    Hello Jeff, sorry i don't know the country of origin for the balcanica,i just got the mountain region as a location. The first plant is px scullyi of my own making, vulgaris var gypsophila x grandiflora chionopetra the other is p.rosea as far as i know,i got it from a friend but think it comes originally from Aymeric i'll try and get some pictures later,and write you a list
  17. ada


    some plants always seem to survive the winter and grow again and flower the following year,2 years is about the limit for me,the cold takes its toll in the end
  18. ada

    pings flowering

    it came to me as the caucasus mountains,if that's the correct spelling
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