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  1. Good to hear it's still alive Mark, the pitchers will adapt to outdoor life a they grow.They will be a bit shorter but more stocky when grown outside,the wind will make them stronger too but the problem is rain and wind,it allows some to fill up and then fall over.the ringed canes are good but can distract from the beauty of the pitchers on smaller plants

  2. Hi Martin,   I think this happens to older plants. The rhizome also stores food for the plant to grow.I think the problem arises due to our cold damp winters,the plant needs the food stored over winter to get going again in spring,we all grow sarras crammed in ,side by side and not all the plants can get a good feed of insects to replace the energy used to grow all the pitchers over a full year,this has the effect of draining the rhizome of its stored starchy food reserves over time,so it dies and the rot spreads down the rhizome and gets worse due to our cold/damp winters. that's my view anyway.

  3. My guess is the plant is drying out a bit due to the humidity change from where it was grown to your place.

    The new pitchers will adapt to dryer conditions given time and enough light/water.

    Purpurea venosa can be grown on a bright window cill without any dormant period,they will just slow down a bit in winter as the light levels drop.

    I can confirm this because my mother-in -law has one from me on her window cill,it has been there for at least 3 years and is fine


  4. Temperate ping seed needs to be sown very fresh in my opinion.I sow mine onto old sarracenia compost to avoid mould issues you can get with new compost sometimes.if sown within 6 weeks of harvesting,some seed germinates in the same year and grow a bit before going dormant,then the following spring it will all germinate naturally

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  5. I can,t see my messages,where to access them on my works tablet now.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Very easy before the up date,a pain in the arse now.


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  6. To be honest it doesn't look as bad as I thought,some are crispy! It needs to be stood in about 2cm of water all the time if it's in the window.   It can get very hot behind glass in the house,also with windows open in the heat,the draught can be very drying to a plants leaves/traps.  So find a little saucer and keep it wet all summer and it should recover well.

  7. Can you post a picture?Is it stood in a saucer of water?Have you repotted it?  There are many things that could cause this,was it looking good when you bought it,or was it dried out like many are?