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  1. ian

    Hello ada.


    What the hell is this new lay-out all about. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but this is madness. You had forum, sales & wants, new content, a little arrow to go back to the top of the page. As you said a reply button helps on a forum, before I could see all my PMs on one page. Is this anything to do with CPS. I know It's not your fault but I was so frustrated I had to chat to somebody. Rant over. Any way I hope you and your plants are well, my sarras are starting to look past their best, lost several VFTs to the wet weather (rot) some pings have hibernated already others are showing no signs yet. Looking forward to the gemmae sales.




    1. ada


      Ian,  i don't know mate,but i was afraid of this when the cps took over.

      Just from past experience with some of the people who run it.If it continues like this i will be leaving.

      Plants are like yours,but vft's are o.k as i don't stand them in water,same with the cephs.pings have gone dormant and the darlingtonia have taken a hit on the pitchers again with the hot sun

    2. FredG


      Out of all the topics I only get an option to reply to two. I think I'll retire to my place, life is simpler there

    3. ada


      i agree Fred,just too much hassle.

      Richaed bunn says the forum is still updating and will take a few days but why put it online if its not up to speed?