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  1. Bonjour actually in your country it is the spring ( summer in december-february), also for me, leave these seedlings out, especially cover them to prevent threshing of the substrate by the rain. longifolia is not a acid specie but a calcareous like a lot of temperate , then use a calcareous substrate for them . my substrate for these calcareous species (including mexican and some others) -cat litter with sometimes akadama (bonzaï substrate) 50% -pouzzolane 12.5% -calcareous sand 12.5% -river sand 12.5% -vermiculite 12.5% jeff
  2. Bonjour all 2 we need stratification for grandiflora a acid substrate like just blond peat for longifolia a calcareous substrate you can sow them right away or leave them at the bottom of the fridge to sow them in the spring warning our seasons are reversed for the new zealand it would be better to sow them away, fairly humid substrate and out all year round
  3. jeff 1

    ant plant

    merci for this picture . in australia you have also 2 or 3 hydnophytum , an other beccarii without spines , more myrmecodia
  4. Bonjour may be in winter your greenhouse is probably too cold, dorstenia are rather tropical plants from africa and central and southern america. for my part I always cultivate them at temperatures higher than 16 ° C (outside in summer) , with waterings all year long (keeping a dry substrate between each watering) the rubiaceae ( ant plants) are also tropicals plants ,from South East Asia. I cultivate these species in 2 terra , always with a good air hygrometry (80-90%)is grown a little like nephentes, since from the same backgrounds. I've been cultivating them for several years now, and I'm looking to swap
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    ant plant

    Bonjour thank for your answer these M.beccarii are the species with spines on the caudex or without ? have you seen others ant plant in your country ?
  6. Bonjour what were their growing conditions, especially for watering and temperatures ? jeff
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    ant plant

    Bonjour no one cultivates species of this genus specialy the rubiaceae
  8. no one cultivates species of this genus Dorstenia
  9. I am looking for seedlings or seeds from geranium of madere (Geranium maderense) please if you have PM me jeff
  11. Bonjour very nice success long life to these plants jeff
  12. at my house right now white form with a leave of summer more than 20cm a record for me in culture jeff
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    Deep purpr flower

    Bonjour these 2 colors are really beautiful these colors are perennial of one year on the others ? have you tried a sowing of 2 to see if the coulour are reproducible ? jeff
  14. Bonjour RobH I am on the same opinion as you on the disclosure of sites to everyone's views. I practice this censorship on many forums ,it's part of my ethics
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    Deep purpr flower

    Bonjour very very nice flower these 2 form are from the same area ? jeff
  16. yes I know the area on the other hand I do not know if these drawings are always the same from one year to another and if they are reproducible in culture. I would need help on the ground to see it ,and ensure a follow up
  17. like these 2 of the north italian or the yellow spot are not the same than FABRIZIO I am also very interested by these different yellow spot not only on the Italian species but on all the others present by the world
  18. Bonjour If I’m not wrong, p. Alpina in Italy have only this yellow drawing form precisely, I'm not so sure about on the same spot we can see differences, as well as on other spot hence my question
  19. the yellow drawing have the same form ? see here others yellow drawing form jeff
  20. Bonjour I see that you have a lot of P.alpina, can you tell me if all have the same yellow drawing in the throat ? jeff
  21. Bonjour yes , may be seeds soon or hibernaculae and buds in autumn .
  22. Bonjour I use this cat litter without problem for all my calcareous ping since 1989 : temperate , mexican ,etc but not alone with river sand, pouzzolane,sometimes akadama,vermiculite .
  23. Bonjour 'merci' all I use just limestone rock with joints of substrates that I use for all my calcareous ping