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    no carnivorous: dorstenia;ant plants;amorphophallus; in new bie australian terrestrial orchids

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  1. jeff 1

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    can still be put a buffer of substrate between the tuber and the ambient air outdoor cultivation and pot cultivation do not meet the same requirement it is a plant of the himalaya,it must therefore hold with cold temperatures or see frosted but still with a good buffer substrate above the tuber
  2. jeff 1

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    Bonjour it is a greenhouse, hot or cold. I think that with a temperature of 15 ° c mini it will work you put it at dormancy at what temperature ?
  3. jeff 1

    Diseased Pinguicula?

    OK please let us know on the evolution of the problem
  4. Bonjour do you know why in this book - the species P.toldensis is not taken into account - the variety P.jackii var parviflora has an invalid name merci , for your answers
  5. jeff 1

    Diseased Pinguicula?

    if you have any doubt, quarantine it. what substrate use you ?
  6. jeff 1

    Diseased Pinguicula?

    wait a bit to see the final aspect of the disaster, meanwhile make leaf cuttings it is often better to water by capillarity
  7. jeff 1

    Diseased Pinguicula?

    Bonjour may be a picture but it seems rotten to me, maybe by too much watering?
  8. jeff 1

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    Bonjour a good solution the bacillus thurigiensius for the larvae but not for the adult , uses for them yellow gooey plates , I think it is necessary to eradicate the 2 otherwise the problem will come back jeff
  9. jeff 1

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    what substrate ? may be a adult sciarides ,your substrate is may be infected ? do you have larvae in your substrate ?
  10. Salut Jeff,

    Je suis intéressé par des hibernacles de pinguicula européennes calciphobes.

    As-tu quelques espèces à me proposer?

    Merci d'avance


  11. jeff 1

    ant plant

    Bonjour do you grow these genus : rubiaceae ( myrmecodia-myrmephytum-squamellaria-hydnophytum-anthorrhiza)- asclepiadaceae( dischidia)-pteridophyte(lecanopteris-solanopteris) ? jeff
  12. jeff 1


    Bonjour do you grow this genus dorstenia ? jeff
  13. jeff 1

    Pinguicula vulgaris

    P.vulgaris subsp vulgaris f albida , no?
  14. jeff 1

    Pinguicula megaspilaea

    may be just P.habilii for instant
  15. jeff 1


    Bonjour even compassion for all these people . jeff