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  1. Scorpoides are awesome,I have like 30 in a glass bowl(I'll be getting gemmae ). They seem to prefer foggy night then they get really dewy and glisten like xmas trees.
  2. I used to have a nice sized cacti colelction when I was 8 to about 12 :) I remember the flowers smelled ultra fragrent and they were so nice Maybe I'll buy some cacti fi they grow okay in the pacific northwest.
  3. What are the dimensions of the terrarium ? Mine are 48 inches long 24 inches high and 18 inches wide. Just curious :)
  4. The nasc is done ??? Waaa! I didn't win anything oh well gotta get ready 3 varieties of capensis together and 2 primuliflora. and whatver else I listed/donated. Besides I'm almost broke anyways with this reefing adventure.
  5. Okay I'm completely just awe stricken, my barrel bog has been nailed by idiot siblings my flower(my only sarracenia flower) have been removed along with some of my plants that I constantly put back in.
  6. I like that squat look and the fuzz is a plus And it has a very nice red coloration ...
  7. I killed a small pot of capensis and binata the pot of them turned brown all the sudden in my nepenthes tank thats just weird. The tank keeps some nice nepenthes and some more sensitive drosera I'm wondering they were in lfs untill I dumped the pot since disease could be the cause.
  8. Thats very possible. My windowsill is a box one I just use it in the summer and in the winter I expand my indoor grow light shelfs. I have a big pot of pot of them but there in the bathroom box windowsill and thats has some remodeling going on but the mother plant(In my tank not the windowsill) thats in flower has no scent I am wondering about the leafs having an occasional scent this could get interesting
  9. I am not sure it comes and goes I smell something :) I'd keep your flower primuliflora in a wind /breeze free aea then try smelling in the mourning and afteroon. I think tempetures and no breeze should yeild a scent but I'm not sure.
  10. Well mine have a very light fragrance that comes and goes it is sweet and pleasant anyone else have a scent for there primuliflora flowers ?
  11. I think scorpoides is it,my plants survived a full bare root without any media other than wet paper towels from Hawaii to the Continental USA . There pretty prolific and easy my favorite.. But other pygmies are great too my Badgerup is doing great too
  12. Well pink flowered ones are what I have and they seem bigger than others like the ones at that nursery , I would like to get giant and the white flowered forms..
  13. Now thats an interesting Question :) I got CO2 injection my filter dissolves the bubbles very easily. I will post for some Androvanda "Red" when I get things settled and get some money. And will do some pictures when my camera comes in the post.
  14. Well there 1 inch or so tall and there growing strong even after a very careful transplant. So I guess there doing okay :)
  15. I think the best situation is to have a planted aquarium (aquatic plants that grow in a gravel based medium that is sterile) Then algae will not be a problem. I will experiment sometime since I have a heavily planted 10 gallon tank with good CP like lighting and I'm getting my camera so I'll experiment soon.
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