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  1. Leaf cuttings now possible for Sarracenia perhaps? haha We can dream right?
  2. It really makes no difference. Anything with dissolved salts below ~110 parts per million is fine. I don't know of any pitcher plant that you can't put water in... just don't fill it to the top.
  3. thanks for your comment on my forum but what is RO and DI water?

  4. thanks for your comment on my forum but what is RO and DI water?

  5. Don't worry about it at all. If you want to feel better about it fill the pitcher one-third full of RO or DI water and just let it sit. Whether it produces juice its own is dependent on how happy it is in the given conditions.
  6. I was trying to get on to bid but it didn't work so I just gave up. Still can't get on. I wonder what he's going to do...
  7. Does sound like overwatering... Try unpotting one after its demise and see how wet the media is. I was shocked to find out how much water Sphagnum actually retains... I've gone to about 60% bark in my nep mixes because of that... -J.P. p.s. I think the drosera are ready.
  8. It did for me. I could be going about this the wrong way but... I took the humidifier and placed it in a glass of water with the fan blowing the fog. In the path of the fog about 30cm away I placed a thermometer. It read 80F (27C) before placing it there and after a few moments the temperature dropped to ~70F (21C).
  9. I have just recently been given the second system on your list and I think it does a pretty good job. The fog when combined with a moderately strong computer fan in my experience drops the temp about 10F. The system itself does have a few odd ... characteristics haha. The unit jets a stream of water into the air and from this stream the vapor is released, so it splashes. If left running for any length of time, the water gets EXTREMELY hot yet the mist remains cool. This heat will build up if you put the unit inside your terrarium producing the opposite of the effect desired. To counter this, I have placed my unit in a sealed container (an OxyClean bucket) with tubes running from 2 aerators (all I have at the moment) into the container. The bucket allows me to have a reservoir of water to cover the auto shutoff sensor and gives splash protection from the hot water. The bucket needs to be big enough for the mist to evaporate off this stream otherwise you will get poor mist production. After you do this just punch a hole in one side of the bucket and run tubing into your terrarium to transport the mist. The whole container will get very warm but the mist will remain very cool. I would suggest using a computer fan just to provide more air movement (which will help combat fungi as well as provide a better cooling effect). You must use the purest water you can with this system. If you do not, the ceramic disk clogs and you have to take it apart and dip it in vinegar every few days to remove the salts that will form on it. I believe the evaporative cooling effects of the fog+wind are what cause the temp. drop. If you want a picture of what I have set up just drop me a line and I'll be happy to take some for you. Hope this helped, -J.P.
  10. Someone at our school did an experiment with meat for their science project last year... One pound of ground beef One McDonald's hamburger One cafeteria hamburger After 4 weeks there was considerable amounts of decay and mold on only one of those three the rest were EXACTLY the same... Hmmm which could it be... (the cafeteria hamburger beat McDonald's though) So I hate to say it but after watching that it may even kill a capensis! Good news, it won't mold though!
  11. Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will do the trick. Either that or leave them out in the sun for a while...
  12. Hopefully I can keep them happy for another year in order to allow them to produce gemmae. Maybe next year I'll do a better job synchronizing the water/light levels.
  13. Ah thank you very much! Mystery semi-solved!
  14. Haha I thought someone was going to say that... I had watered it not two seconds before taking the picture. The tag was what the previous owner had crammed in there just haven't taken it out. I will repot it though! Otherwise you think it will bounce back? Thanks, J.P.
  15. My D. scorpioides began to form gemmae earlier but for some reason aborted them. It later resumed growth but instead of immediately continuing to grow from the center of the bud it branched off to the side and only later resumed growth. Has this happened to anyone else? The new branch does not have its own roots and is firmly attached to the "mother" plant. Just leave it right? Thanks, -J.P.