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  1. I would suggest D. indica, too. Nice hitchhiker!
  2. JanW

    Drosera sessilifolia

    Hallo Helmut, I think that species is hard to propagate vegetatively. Better keep them warm until they flower and produce a good amount of seeds.
  3. All my plants are in active growth now.
  4. Everything has been said, I've got nothing more to add...!
  5. JanW

    Drosera communis

    The experts already said it. Probably D. capillaris.
  6. Then start to save money for the next EEE in Leiden! ;) Would be nice to meet more forum members "in real life"(whatsthat?). A pity many visitors had no name tags, I am sure I missed some interesting people...
  7. It was very nice to meet you. Great photos, too. The botanical garden does not allow photos from their plants to be shown in public places like this, better take them offline. No problems for the pictures with the vendors and their plants of course!
  8. I have been looking for a new flat for about two weeks now - hope I can catch a south or south-east balcony and some windows in that direction. In my dorm the electricity is paid as a flat rate...now that move I must reduce the use of artificial lights!
  9. It`s a beauty. I will try to get hold of it tomorrow!
  10. Amazing pictures, please keep on posting those!
  11. Greg, most of my tuberous dews went dormant in June and are waking up right now. So everything is fine.
  12. JanW

    Capensis Dormancy

    D. capensis survives cold winters, fires, dry summers without problem. I know of several grower's bogs which are filled with D. capensis!
  13. So do I. Even my tuberous Drosera seem to ignore the lights and go dormant/wake up in time (if kept less wet...I had problems in the last years but now in drier conditions it's working well!).
  14. JanW

    Plant queries

    The first looks like D.burmanni or sessifolia.
  15. dionaea_2006: No your choices are much more expensive and use an older tech which has lower light output. Buy the cheap light colours for more lumen per Watt.
  16. I completed my degree in chemistry in July. Now I am going to do a Ph.D. in macromolecular chemistry (membrane technology).
  17. Only if they are weak due to bad conditions. Give your dews three things: 1) pure peat 2) pure water 3) lots of light See my gallery for some happy plants.
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