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  1. My rooted cutting does pitcher again, I am not sure why it recovered so fast?
  2. Translate this with babelfish or google: http://forum.carnivoren.org/topic.php?id=9921
  3. They root easy in water.
  4. Great shots - it's not easy to catch such small plants.
  5. Look at my small plant: http://drosera.funpic.de/album/Nepenthes/s...hes_rajah01.jpg http://drosera.funpic.de/album/Nepenthes/s...hes_rajah02.jpg http://drosera.funpic.de/album/Nepenthes/s...hes_rajah03.jpg
  6. I would put the plants more closely to the window, they get a lot more light there. And one other thing: Posting other people's pictures is not a good idea. You heard of copyright and all that stuff?
  7. Very sharp and colourful pictures, the plants are not bad, either!
  8. Thanks again! Greg, no luck for the Byblis seeds until now. I grow all plants in cool conditions so it is no wonder the tuberous sundews and the N. rajah like it. I never treated the petiolaris group "right" but the grow ok for me... Some of my plants plants grew the whole year and some are just waking up now, the ones on the photos refused to sleep! ;)
  9. The flowers are beautiful!
  10. Everything fine for me!
  11. Those plants do all grow in one room at the same climate... Drosera caduca Drosera ordensis Drosera paradoxa Nepenthes rajah Drosera ericksoniae x pulchella Drosera pulchella Drosera whittakeri Drosera peltata & Drosera menziesii emerging... Drosera porrecta (tiny!)
  12. Great discussion and awesome photos. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Sow them inside on pure peat or peat/sand 50:50. Best time to sow is end of summer (NOW!). Jan
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