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  1. (Again:) Thanks for posting your report. Always a pleasure to watch some habitat shots, George.
  2. Wow. Awesome photos, I liked especially the habitat overview(s)!
  3. JanW

    Drosera identification.

    That was my first thought, too. But on the 2nd pic you see a nearly closed pink flower... BTW Great pictures, Joseph. Any spare seeds? ;)
  4. Seems to be another cp heaven. Thanks for sharing these pics!
  5. Great as usual, Andreas. Your talk was great!! Any chance to hear it again? Interesting question. At least in cultivation most forms cope well with such conditions.
  6. Selfpollination is very unlikely. Perhaps you get seeds from hand pollination but I think you will need more than one cross. Do you know whether your plants are genetically different?
  7. At first you will need a good source! Most sold seeds are OLD. Many of those species rarely set seed... You will need GA3 and much luck to germinate them.
  8. Nice pics. Why is the water red/brown? Is it peaty or does it contain iron salts?
  9. Wow. One day I have to come over and take a look myself.
  10. Thats a big child in the center!
  11. Great as usual! Great pic of the N.mirabilis in the GFP-forum as well! ;) Cheers, Jan
  12. You have some exceptional great looking plants!
  13. I find trinervia, cistiflora and the rest harder to look after than tuberous sundews. For the Australian species the tubers can easily be stored in small polyethylene bags & they have a high survival rate. Other the long thin roots of the South African species, they need more humidity during dormancy. As I never leave them in the pots because I lost plants that way it is more problematic to get them through the summer: either they dry out fast and begin to shrivel or they are kept to wet and fungi are happy to kill them off...I read a lot about other people's bad experiences with dormancy in our German forum, too. This year it worked great, D.trinervia is growing again, D. cistiflora still sleeping in its bag and some seedlings coming up again. Did someone mention that D. collinsiae has a similar summer dormancy??? My plant goes dormant each year and sprouts again in early winter. I think it is mostly regarded as subtropical/mediterran plant.
  14. Wow. The pictures are great as always and a plenty of them! Most interesting are the bugs on Drosera. I heard that in South Africa similar bugs live on Drosera plants, too. Perhaps Andreas Fleischmann can tell us more about this...
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