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  1. A beautiful form. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Great setup. I will try something like that too. Also take a look at this picture taken by Alexander Fisch at the EEE in Bonn: http://www.fischermans-antik.de/ShowTempla.../Treffen/44.JPG
  3. Good job, experiments rule!
  4. Are you sure about that? They are totally destinct from my D. peltata var. foliosa! I got them from a source in Germany some years ago labeled D. peltata ssp. peltata, white flower. What about the japanese forms of D. peltata? They are white-flowered, too, aren't they? Hm. I am confused. PS Dreimal ist Friesenrecht!
  5. Excellent photos and plants. I like the D. stolonifera and the D. ramellosa very much. My D. ramellosa did not sprout well and just grew a poor green rosette and stays like like that for months. Any advice?
  6. It's a dream, but not a bad one!!!
  7. Germination was easy, just a bag with some wet peat moss and some weeks in the frigde did the job well. Growing them successfully was another thing...
  8. JanW


    Perhaps they are mislabeled? ;) Just kidding, good luck with them . Please post some pictures!
  9. Excellent plants and pictures, Vic. My D.whittakeri also sprout from all edges. The central plant spreads runners in all directions but it does regrow the season after, too (at least if not unpotted). Strange fact that the center tuber/plant disappears for you, did you check for rot?
  10. I sow seeds of different ssp. of D.stolonifera. Their germination occured from 2-3 months to 2-3 years...right now I get germination from seeds sown in 2004.
  11. JanW

    tropical sundews

    I thought it was the other way round: D.burmannii would be spelt correctly in latin grammar, D.burmanni was the grammar error from the first description...which is the right name to label your plants with. Edit: Found the thread: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8457
  12. My Mt. Bomford clone went dormant too last winter. My DIY store clone did the same.
  13. Those Utricularia are little gems!
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