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  1. 2012_Mikronesien_02.jpg

    Sheet 2:

    - Nepenthes vieillardii

    - Utricularia dichotoma

    - Drosera spatulata

    - Drosera burmannii

    By chance I found this linked on Wikipedia. In 2006 there were only few cp pictures online and Denis Barthel who is a cp enthusiast and employee at the German Wikimedia society asked for pictures. I donated some under free license so that everyone may use them also for commercial projects...and now its a micronesian postage stamp!


  2. For the last years I had covers with lights on these terrariums as they were inside on a windowsill. The new setup outside is fresh and I did not cover anything up yet. Most of the Nepenthes are small and grow near the wet moss on top of the pots. The larger ones are hybrids or easy growers so I hope to let it as it is...until the winter approaches again.

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