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  1. By chance I found this linked on Wikipedia. In 2006 there were only few cp pictures online and Denis Barthel who is a cp enthusiast and employee at the German Wikimedia society asked for pictures. I donated some under free license so that everyone may use them also for commercial projects...and now its a micronesian postage stamp! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Drosera_burmanni_Humpty_Doo.jpg
  2. Hello Martin, thanks a lot for the information! Thanks for the email also! ;) Cheers, Jan
  3. Hi Olivier, thanks for the kind words! All my rosetted tuberous species do late season runner stolons. In both pots the old plants died or began to die and at the same time second plants emerged. This is normal in my conditions. Did you never see such runners?
  4. Great plants! The Sarracenia has an incredible colour.
  5. Great plants and some rarities for sure. Your tuberous species are late to emerge!
  6. And it is good! Which model did you choose? like the D. cistiflora best.
  7. Today I experienced fast germination just like U. nelumbifolia does: My fresh sown Capsicum annum (Chili) seeds germinated in two hours! And they have been in dry condition for some weeks before...
  8. Great plants, for some reason I start to like Sarracenia! ;)
  9. Hey don't capture my thread! :) Looking good! Why are the newer leaves more colorful? Weather?
  10. Looks great, can't wait for the plant pics! D. praefolia is a funny species! It is closely related to the whittakeris, isn't it?
  11. Another goodie is the great colour it gets. Perhaps it is a candidate for cultivar status? D. whittakeri ssp. aberrans 'sleepless red' ;)
  12. Thanks! Sean, very probably! ;) Not all of them were dormant, most are growing then and there just dying back and popping out again. They seem to like my conditions, I gave away around 20 plants in the last two years all originating from one tuber.
  13. Very nice setup!!! I remembered this thread when I found an ebay auction recently. An aquatic plants dealer sells this plant for aquarium enthusiasts as "new lawn in the foreground"... http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=150110069826 What other plants do you grow inside the tank? Are the shrimps easy to look after? I have some spare tanks + lights... ;)
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