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  1. Hi everyone Today I recieved a Argentii. Despite being in transit for nearly a month in the summer heat, it seems to have come green. However, there seems to be something wrong about it. If you see closely near the lower part of the newest leaf, you can see this shiny, pale green part that is unsettlingly close to the growth point. (the shine is not from water) The plant was shipped through temps in the 80s for nearly 3 weeks... Could this be signs of heat stress? If not, please tell me what this is. I do not want to import another one... The proccess kills me. Also, do you have any tips for acclimating nepenthes? Is low light and high humidity gradually increased/decreased okay? Thanks
  2. I have come yet again with another website: It seems to be run by Christian Klein, a cp supplier. I will buy nepenthes from here when the weather cools down, unless something changes my mind... Has anyone bought from this website? If so, please tell me your experiences!
  3. It rains so little in Korea I'll just get distilled water from my lab for now until I find a better way. I'll try using this year-old dehumidifer's water. I have copper ppm test strips so maybe that'll help on identifying the copper ions?
  4. It uses this dual? electrolysis system. I just got my ppm meter and it says 118ppm for my sinkwater, 121ppm for my filtered water, and surprisingly, 72ppm for a bottle of mineral water. Is the filtered water okay for the plants? Or is it time to change the filters?
  5. I used acidic pure peat moss without any additives, but I've notices that it was getting compacted a lot so I ordered high-quality white peat. I will plant some of the unaffected seedlings in my live sphagnum. Thanks for the suggestion! I've visited my water purification company's site, saw the May water quality, and here are the ppm of things that are not 0. bronze: 0.005ppm zinc: 0.017 ppm chlorine ions: 22.8 ppm other chlorine: 0.68 ppm hardness: 0.05 NTU (0.017 ppm) Is this okay? These are the results for tap water, by the way. (The water I use for the cps is proccessed through this ion filter thing)
  6. Well I sort of unpotted and cleaned the roots so that I could repot the vft in a sterile media that hadn't contacted the "filtered" water... in order to have a chance at saving my vft seedling. I guess the the root thing was a bit overkill tho... I don't think there's anything more I can do for my plants now, I have them in the most optimal conditions I could possibly give them. I can only hope that they (or at least the other seedlings) will survive. I have a tds checker arriving tomorrow, and I will try to post the result of the seedlings in a couple of weeks.
  7. I washed it with water and tried to clean the peat near the roots- it's so tiny so I was unsuccessful. Here's the plant. Is this root rot? It's about 1 cm in size. Should I trim the black parts of the bulb? About the water, I don't know the tds of it but all my other plants (mostly dews) seem to do fine in it.
  8. The media is 1:1 peat and silica sand, both washed. the water is filtered, and I've been keeping it in low standing water, but recently I've taken it out and let it dry a bit because the leaf turned black.
  9. Uh oh it seems that all the even newly sprouting leaves ( after the prior ones blackened) are blackening too... The area near the first blackened leaf is becoming brownish, petioles and all. I don't know if you can see in this pic... What do I do?
  10. Thanks! Could you tell me their names? Also, it doesn't really matter what country the breeder resides in, because I can use third party shipping, and take care of the customs stuff with a few paperwork, as long as they can ship to major cities in their country.
  11. Woah. That was a lot to take in. Don't worry, I won't buy from them. Do you know any reliable nepenthes seed sellers? I want to start from the beginning with some cool neps.
  12. Oh. I forgot that this was CPUK I'll ask the guy if he poached the seeds or not, but I don't think I'll buy it anyways. Never really liked how a macrophylla looks... Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Since I live in South Korea, I don't really need a phytosanitary cert as long as I apply for the phytosanitary inspection after the arrival, which is usually automatic. But I don't want to risk 50 bucks for macrophylla... especially one that's probably been poached. Is buying poached seed illegal or just an ethical wrongdoing?
  14. Hi! I was just browsing around, looking for some nice nepenthes seeds, and i came across this website: They seem to be selling some macrophylla pods harvested at June 2nd!! I know it seeds to good to be true... Does anybody have experience buying from this store? Please let me know Also, don't buy the entire stock... save some for me
  15. Hello everyone The tips of the newly emerging leaves on 2 of my vft seedlings are turning black! Why is this happening? Should I trim the black parts? It has been living in 30~50% humidity, basic watering (filtered) and 12cm away from three T5 led lights. Media is 1:1 peat/silica sand. Plz help. I've lost one too many plants...