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  1. Hi I have in my Setup 4 fluorescent lamps 2x Osram Fluora 18w 1xPhilips 18w 840 1x Osram 18w 860.What would be the best installing combination-I mean 860,fluora,840,fluora or 840,860,fluora,fluora?Regards
  2. First I try Phil`s method and I give some insects(My plant is pitchering all the time but now lid`s are smaller.) and then I try with light. Dicon:My Plant live only in Pure Sphagnum Moss. The distance beetwen Plant and Tubes is 15cm.The temperature during the day is 30C. rsivertsen tell me please what mean TLC?:] Thanks for all suggestions;]!
  3. That`s right manders the Aquarells are 10000K ,fluoras 6500K and Cool White Tube-4200K.Is this too much?Should I anything change?.Please give me a advise. Leo my plants are all the time only under artificial light.I don`t think that watering is the reason because the media is still a little bit wet.
  4. Hi.I have problem with my N.Gentle.Since 3 months he`s leaves going to be yellow.I don`t know what I do wrong.Earlier everything at the same conditions was fine.I grow my plants under 2xPhilips Aquarelle 18w 1X Osram Fluora 18w 1x Osram Cool White 18w.The media is pure spaghnum.What should I do?
  5. Great Plants Btw.What type of lighting do you use?
  6. Can anybody describe me how can I fix this solenoid pump(CEME Type.E410)??.Please:]
  7. Biolek

    Poor Nep

    Two moths ago I have transplant my N.khasiana x truncata from a pot with peat to the live sphagnum.From this time this plant don`t wanna grow and still waste away:( What should I do?
  8. Christer in what conditions have you force your seeds to germination?
  9. My nep looks very ill.What should I do?Maybe a cut would be a rescue?Please help :cry: With regards Roman[/img]
  10. Thanks for your advices.How big is humidity in your gh Julian?? Can anybody divide with his other experiences? Regards
  11. Wow-then how warm is in your glasshouse?? Any other suggestions???
  12. Last time I built small glashouse for my neps.But now I have one problem-where should I put it?Today I made a Test and I put it in full sun.The temp was very high<more>.I want to ask, what is the best solution?Should I install in my GH ventilators or should I move it to more darkened place? Regards Roman
  13. Couple months ago I ordered N.Rafflesiana.After I received her she began withering so I had cutted this plant.Now my Nep make only verry small leaves.What should I do ? Regards Roman
  14. Biolek

    Low light

    I need one "low light" nep for my terrairum.Because on the back wall I have my neps and I want ones of them have on the lower part.My light system(76w) is on the top and my terra is 85cm high->this is the reason.Now I have there my N.khasiana x tobiaca and this one produce only small leaves and in the lower part small pitcher.Any others suggestions?
  15. Biolek

    Low light

    Thanks.And other spieces :?: more popular