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  1. Hello everybody, please, does anybody have new catalog for 2020 from Allen Lowrie?
  2. Hi, how you are succesfull with growing of this species Utricularia delphinioides? If I will say a true...I have not problem with germinating of this species but afret germinating everytime small plants was death. I have new germianted small plants and I am trying with some experiments. I hope that this species will survive. with great respect Martin Spousta
  3. Hi, please, I want to ask you how you was succesfull with growing of U. simmonsii? I am still interested about this species.

    with great respect Martin Spousta

    email address: [email protected]

  4. Hi, please, I want to ask you how you was succesfull with growing of U. simmonsii? I am still interested about this species.

    with great respect Martin Spousta

    email address: [email protected]

  5. Yes, that is possibility. But I am sure that to get a permit for collected of seeds will be very hard. (I have one example: I was try to get a permit from India to collected a seeds of few very rare species of bladderworts of India and I was have many many problems to get this permition. I was make a comunication with National Authority almost three years until this year I was recieved a letter with final permition but I must to pay). In Mexico will be maybe more complicated to get that permition for Utricularia regia.
  6. Hi, impossibility to get this species in to the cultivation are two: 1) it is illegal to collected plants from Mexico without the permition. 2) this rare species grow only on the small places - it is steno-endemic species and location is realy hard to find because species is annual. Population is restored only by the seeds and that is reason why is it very vunerable and threatned species. If you are interested about some more information you have to wait for a new project - new book that we are prepare in this time together with Dr. Studnička and Jan Franta. You will see also few more pictures of Utricularia regia and amazing Utricularia petersoniae (and many many more) with beautiful flowers. I will keep you informed at this forum.
  7. Hi, this species is not in cultivation. I am in comunication with a discoverer and I thing that it will be almost impossible to get this species to cultivation. Few information about this species and few more pictures you will also find in "catalog" Carnivorous plants and their biotopes - sincerely
  8. Hello everyone, I can not deny that I am not able to recognize the difference between Utriculara sp. "Hermanus" and U. sp. "Kerala". There would be nothing interesting except that the Hermanus is area in Africa, and Kerala in India. It may result only two more questions. The plant occurring on two continents? Or is this plant distributed under different names, because a mess of growers? However, it is beautiful bladderwort, right?
  9. Hi, to me looks like species Utricularia amethistina
  10. Hi, realy very interesting pictures of U. apendiculata. The white flowering aquatic species of Utricularia seems to belong Utricularia cymbantha - realy unique picture. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Dear friends, I would like to inform you about the initiated international exhibition Carnivorous plants and their biotopes. Official opening of the exhibition was on Sunday, 4.4.2010 in the Botanical Garden, Liberec (very soon will be weblink about this exhibition in English language) These photographs were taken by 31 photographers from 21 countries have comment by Dr. Studnicka in Czech and English languages. The publication and exhibition presents many pictures which were not previously published (Utricularia albocaerulea, U. regia, Pinguicula lithophytica, P. algida etc.). The exhibition and exhibition catalog has in total 135 color photographs of CPs in their habitats. The catalog contains 184 pages. Martin Spousta
  12. Dear Fernando, I would like to show a photo to the public but we have permission to use this pictures only for exhibition CARNIVOROUS PLANTS AND THEIR BIOTOPES and for exhibition catalog, which will be introduced in April in Liberec. So, please I am sorry but images Utricularia regia I can not provide, because I must respect copyrights.
  13. Hello, I thing that it is Utricularia lateriflora.
  14. Dear Fernando, you have a true. When I read the description, I had some idea about the flower and venation color. But when I saw the first pictures it was much more impressive. This species is realy very cue and for me most beautiful species of terrestrial Utricularia.